This page is just for the people who are fond of Reading Books.

I will post a brief Note about the Books that I have completed Reading…

1) Rich Dad Poor Dad

Books to gain knowledge about the Finance.This book will change the way your Attitude Towards Financial Planning.

4 Quadrant of Occupation and the Difference between Assets and Liabilities and Tax Benefits of the corporation.

2) Who Moved My Cheese

One Sitting to Complete this Books.Awesome due to story Based.It is all about Change that is constantly happening in life and business.You have to adapt the changes otherwise You will Certainly Perish.

3) How to Win Friends and Influence People

Only Book that will help anyone to Take Charge of Your Human Relationship.

Best book ever in the History of Mankind on Psychology of Human in Applicable Manner.

4) Think and Grow Rich


This book should be priced in Millions.20 years in preparing the first philosophy of success.Wonderful.

In fact,I Have two Hard Copy of it and PDF on my mobile Device.I wish to buy a new one for my Workplace as well.

5) How to Raise your Own Salary

One of the best book in personality development.Book is from American point of view and applicable to those looking for Job in MNCs.
6) The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

The prescription of the power of the subconscious Mind.I find it too short in terms of actual explanation.The chapter on sleeps will induce sleep in you definitely.Although would rate 6 out of 10.
7) The Business Book

The book With business insights and the biographies of super wealthy people from all across the World.The mention has been made about each inventor,researcher and the Business Tycoon and their achievements along with the article and books on it.

8) Everyone Has a Story

A love story that will open your Heart Character for a shorter Duration of Time.Especially when you are Single,it will induce a Hope that someone will definitely Come to your life and Change your life Equation anytime.

9) Life is What you make it

Started with a tale of a girl and her shift from convenient school to Coeducation institute.Then her life has many ups and downs.Frankly speaking I find it boring in between but the start and the end were Beautiful.

10) Six secrets that Smart Students Don’t Tell Anyone

Recommend for who wants to learn and be productive at the same time.Easy and applicable six tips from Note Taking to questioning. Recommend to All students and Learners.

11) Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

IIM alumni Rashmi Banshal’s Best book for the entrepreneurship and startup enthusiast.Each story is followed by a learning quote or Lesson quote. Recommend to Everyone.

12) Connect the Dots

One of the first Books I read.A wonderful book on Startup.T he title is too appealing and was recommended by my school teacher.Must Read.

13) How to Heal Your Life

The power of affirmation is deeply explained by Louis Hay.The healing methods and positive affirmations are given for each ailments.

14) The Secret

The law of attraction explained in the book,but somewhat misleading to the public.Many things are stated Correctly but at many instances few Fantasy creating stuff ruin the whole Idea of the book.
15) The Leader with No Title

Amazing book for Karma Yogi.This book is for who don’t want game for his work and at the same time wants to contribute to the Company in best possible manner.The selfless attitude rises in the readers’ hearts towards their Work.

16) The Intelligent Investor

Book is only for those who have Control in Decision Making on Money Matter.Although it is an American perspective book,it will help the investors everywhere in a long-term financial gains.It teaches you the right balance between bond and equity as per your age,income and associated risk appetite.Book is not for Commission agent or a broker.I t will take Months to Understand.

I admire Warren Buffet,hence You can go after his words on the book The Intelligent Investor.

17) Karma Yoga

A book from Swami Vivekananda on Work,activity and the Fruit attachment.The best part is about a Man’s responsibilities towards his each family members.
18) The autobiography of an Yogi

Only for spiritual Seekers.You won’t believe any instance mentioned in the book unless you keep your rational thinking mind away.
Not Recommend to Any Narrow Minded individuals.

19) Fighting Body Pollution

HEALTH is WEALTH.Wonderful book on taking care of your health.How to fight against the environment radicals.Go organic to stay healthy.


Another classic book on personal Development by Napolean Hill.

This is set of popular book of Napolean hill’s philosophy of Success.It comes in 4 Volumes.Must Read.
21) The Power of Positive Thinking

From the father of positive thinking,Norman Vincent Peale is an amazing book to set readers mind filled with positive thoughts. Basically taking into consideration of Christianity as foundation to teach the science of prayer and faith.

22) The winning Ways

Another IIM Ahemdabad alumni Harsha bhogale,one of my inspiration and the best cricket Commentator in the world has written this book along with his wife provides everyone a management lesson from Cricket ins and Outs.

23) Mind Power

This book was a part of a workshop i attend a couple of years back.But it is worth reading and easy to understand the techniques.I t can be found on Sneh Desai’s website.

24) How to Enjoy Your Life and Job

It will help you Alleviate your Mood and happiness quotient.:)

25) How to stop worrying and Start Living

Another best by Dale Carnegie.It is must for one who has just passed Teenage group.

26) You Can Win

Must read books for everyone.Even the beginners can read as it has many wonderful stories with the morals and lessons.

27) Chanakya Strategy

This book is for everyone Laddies and gentlemen.Book for LIFE,RELATIONSHIP And LEADERSHIP.

How to Stop Worry and Start living

Must read for everyone in contemporary era.It will tell you what stress can do to you and your life.Another book from legend Dale Carnegie.

Zero To One

If you are a startup or looking for a startup then pick this book first.One by the cofounder of PayPal which revolutionize the way online payment is made.Must Read…
You are the Placebo

Anyone interested in self healing techniques through thought and emotional balance.This is not for the beginners in the process of self analysis.This book will make a certain impact in your belief system.

Laws of Success

Written by Napolean Hill the comprehensive success philosophy, Laws of Success is the first and ultimate book set of 4 for personal achievements.


Wonderful book which mentions the story of a shepherd boy who chases his life’s dreams taking unusual path based on inner instincts.Must Read.
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