About Me

My Experience

I graduated from college having majored in Human Resource and minored in business communication. I have been working as a Education entrepreneur for the past two years in a variety of Part-time and freelance positions.

I have Spend almost all my time in college in Mockery,Prank and making harmonious Relations with friends and teachers.

Currently Working as Digital Marketer and Looking after a school MANOHAR SCHOOL RAJKOT which I got as a responsibility in form of family legacy.

Founder : Rajkot Digital Marketing & www.rajkotdreams.com

Campus Director : Motherhood International Preschool Rajkot



My Skill set

As it is a personal Information website i would like to mention my skills to get along with any type of person whatsoever his profession may be.

I like to play Pranks with my Friends.

You can beat me in any undertaking but never in my humourous streaks.

I have immense interest in Reading BOOKS.


I am Certified Digital Marketer by Google,Linkedin and Udemy.com.

My Hobby

I like to watch the Youtube such as watch TED Talks,Alux and Standup comedy on Youtube.

I Spend my whole day learning New Skills on Internet and by Reading Personal Development Book.

My other passion is to design Education Curriculum and Digital Magazine.

Rajkot Digital Marketing

Rajkot, Gujarat, India