Faces of Rajkot

Everyone has a story.

Have you ever wonder why only a fraction of population earn name and fame ?

Everyone spends days,nights, months and years to get enough for attainment for financial freedom and social Recognition.But ONLY a few get Recognition in the Society.

As I was surfing on the Facebook I came across a page called faces of Rajkot. This page has Posted everything in local Language which is Gujarati.

Here is list of some of the interesting Facts about this Page :

1) Recognition of Local Talent

This page limited stories of people from the Rajkot city and nearby Place which makes it connecting deeply with the local audience .

2) Story of Hardship and Success

Most stories are from those who build their own career and self made success.

3) Wonderful Story write ups

Beautiful and artistic work presented in such a way it touches the heart of every reader.

4) No-Paid Post

Reference and recommendations is the way this page find story

5) Every Section and Age of Society is Recognised and Famed

6) Managed by Well Known Personalities of the City

Dr.Vimal Hemani coming from reputed doctor family manages this Page and Website.

7) Inspirational Stories for Everyone

Every real life story on this pages makes everyone dream BIG and Uplift their spirit to live a meaningful Life

8) Best Page of the City

Most wonderful page of the city with zero post about politics and Non useful stuff

9) Engagement of Audience

Engagement of local audience on this page is quite remarkable. Whether one knows the person or not l,audience never hesitate to appreciate and share the post on various social media websites.

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