We talk lot about importance of early childhood education, Role of Parents while choosing a school.

As a Certified Early Childhood Educator,I learned that role of preschooler educators and teacher is way different than the role of a primary school Teacher.

Here is list why Preschool Teacher is Really a Responsible Duty

1) Introducing kids to Books

2) Introducing kids to stationery

3) Introducing kids to Classroom, school,teachers,Assistants,Maids for the very first time

4) Introduction to atleast two different language other than Mother tongue

5) Familiarizing with Everyone

6) Handling And Managing Kids with Different Characteristics under one Roof

7) Understanding their Still developing Language

8) Understanding their sour Languages and Broken Words

9) Listening Grievances and Tiny Problems

10) Understanding Different inborn Leaning Capabilities of each Child

11) Developing children Fine and Gross Motor Skills

12) Cognitive behavioral and Understanding Arousal

13) Picture IDENTIFICATION with starting Letter using LSRW technique

14) Solution to Parents EXPECTATIONS and Children Learning Lag

15) Teaching Counting for the very first Time

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