The Reason of India’s Failure Might be WE INDIANS

Have you ever thought of why INDIA is called as ‘Country of Billions Dreams’ ?

In my Mind it is Country with Billion Problems.

Indian will take offense on this statement,I might be considered as Hopeless Indian And Non-Patriotic.

There is an entire list of Major and minor problems through which a country is going through.To name a few here it is : Just Ponder over the question I post after every problem.


street-2248101_1920Have you ever try to get the job using reference although you were under-qualified ?

Have you prepared fake document/Bonafide or Income Report to get benefits under the underprivileged ?


boy-180437_1920Did you Pay Your Income Tax ?

Did you ever pay your office labor(s) late ?

Did you ever gave a beggar a packet of Balloons and ask him to sell those and feed himself ?


abc-3014146_1920Did you sell used books to get few Bucks ?

Ever thought of paying for someone for someone’s tuition ?

Did you ever tried to ask your maid about what they actually lack in facilitating education to their children ?


handcuffs-2070580_1920.jpgDid you Extort to push your file at Local corporation ?

Did you advise/appreciate for Bribe ?

Did you ever prepared unofficial home address to avoid taxation on your vehicle purchase?


garbage-2729608_1920Did you ever chose plastic bottle over Metallic one ?

Did you ever planted any tree in your locality ?

Do you waste your Food at Parties ?

6.Women Adversity & Inequality

man-2196323_1920Did you appreciate jokes on Women on Social Media ?

Did you ever raise the question why a woman is paid less than a man for the same job ?

Did you think Masculine Society is Better ?

Have you ever thought about capabilities of Mothers ?

7.Child Labor

indian-1283789_1920Everyone feels,Did you ever introduce his/her parents to RTE ?

Did you ever tried to provide few Resources for education ?


We might blame government about everything But If you can Answer these questions You Realize YOU and I – INDIANS might be the reasons for all the problems in India.

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