Story About the Indian Society

1) Everyone will have their Opinion

No matter who you are and what you do? There will be dozens of people who will have or form opinion about you and your life.

It is normal human tendency to find out faults in others.

I have seen people advising cricketers how to play proper cricket while sitting at a Pan Shop.

2) Everyone Things their Caste is Superior

Being an Indian,It is not easy to agree upon.But everyone agree upon the decency if it inclined towards their caste.

My caste,my religion is better than yours.

3) Parents Expect their Children to Stay tune to their Own Brought up

In 21st century the Indian society has not change that much when it comes to parenting roles and decision making.Parents kept their norms and beliefs intact about the bringing up their children.Still Indian Society face forceful adaptation of cultural values and rituals.

4) Marriage As Achievement

People who are married thinks the Bachelors are Useless. Moreover, they feel they are superior than a Widdow.

Marriage ended in split is seen as attempted crime act.Maybe who knows the best thing that could happen was divorse.

Marriage is considered as Achievement, this notion however is result of confined thinking process of Parents.

5) Appear Religious to showcase genuineness

Ask yourself a question do you personally go to temple/church/mosque to offer prayer or to clear your consciences

I have seen people arguing that they visit temples for proving their character certificate.

7) Gender Bias

This issue is deliberately ignored by preachers,saints politician and more importantly MEN.

A country talks about women Equality is always a Failure.I accept some comparative limitations are there when it comes to Physical capabilities but From Mental aspect there is no clear distinction.

8) Indian Society is Happy

Many were wondering this article will only point out the nonsensical terms.I tell you this will end up Nicely.

Although Poor Indians form major portion of demographics,this population form a community which is the most happiest civilians.

Rich are in a race and ignoring the present moment.One who cannot enjoy present moment will never enjoy.

9) Fake Nationalism

Everyone stands for national anthem before a movie starts.Every sings national anthem on Independence and Republic day.Gandhi is remembered only because of his imprint on the currency. Everyone thinks one who says Bharat Mata ki Jay is Patriotic. That’s why Politician take advantage of yours for 5 years. Cricket win is a way to forget all miseries of life.

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