Mistakes I made in My Digital Marketing startup

1) Easy for Everyone

I thought the things I could do within minutes or hours would be easy for everyone. This was the first and significant mistake.

I Provided few Services free to clients from whom others have charged 5k to 15k for same service just because I thought people would hardly pay anyone to do this trivial stuff.

2) Everyone Will pay

I thought the Society is genuine,people will stick to their words if the work is done as per the oral agreement .

Forget payments,they will call for help even after the nonpayment of earlier services.

3) Woman Factor

I had clients who deliberately gave girls to answer the call when it was for fulfillment of the reamining amount.

4) Unethical Business

Some business where unethical so have to refuse the job at hand in the middle or have to take u-turns.Well Non-acceptance was a right choice at the end but acceptance in the beg6was wrong.

5) Everyone system is Not Up-to-Date

Everyone is not a technical geek.Some systems might not work well for some software.

It happened twice that have to wait for quarter of an hour for loading a pic to edit.

6) Spending to learn Coding

Coding was not at all necessary unless you needed a job in software company. WordPress,WIX and thousand other solved problem of non-technical Guy.


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