Some People Just Came to Move You

Whether anyone believe it or not,some people just come to your life just to give you a sense of hope to Hopelessness.

Recently,I came across a man who accidentally met me during a seminar on mutual Fund.

He was a member of organising committee of that event.I cannot name that particular person here in this blog because I predict that he is going to be a great personality in coming here.

Event was held at a 3 star hotel near Temporary Bus station Rajkot,Gujarat.

As soon as I reach there a person with specs and a big smile came and welcome me at the gate of that luxurious hotel.

He shook the hand and wished me a Good Evening with warm welcoming gesture.It was just my second meet with that particular person.I was surprised with his way of treating.

He showed me the way and escorted me to my seat in the banquet hall. Then we did few minutes of talk and he went to bring some other people who were guest like I was.

I noticed he went 15 to 20 times upstairs and downstairs to bring and welcome guest for the event.

Then he was the same person who hosted that event.His style of Delivering speech was quite amazing.I admire his words of simplicity as well.He never mentioned his name throughout his talk.

He introduced celebrity in a very friendly manner although all delegates were almost double his age.Only time his name was mentioned was by one delegate offering gratitude for the function arrangement.

I feel there was something great about this young man through which guest and VIPs were mesmerized.

The event was accompanied by dinner.As soon as the event end people were rushing towards dinning area.

I noticed the only person who was not at all Intrested in getting quickly to Food counter was that Particular person. He was actually managing arrangement for the guest dinner.

Dinner went on for 1 hour.After that that particular person came where I was having my dinner.He came and ask whether I need something.I asked him to join me.He said my turn will be after everyone finishes their food.

He even didn’t showed any sign of accepting any empathy.I remember he was the last to take the dinner plate which was only after letting way to guests downstairs.

I was doing some work after dinner on my laptop in banquet hall. I saw that guy who was having his food with great satisfaction. I was moved by his work.

After few moments he came and question me about what was I working on.He took interest in my work.

At that time he received a phone call from his brother, I saw BIG B on screen That how I got to know.His voice was down and Said How’s the dad?I heard Everything is Okay now.Just visit hospital and meet Dad is Now conscious.

I got goosebumps there itself.I not only saw the dedication and service of that person but his Emotional balance while his father going through some serious illness.

He said I will meet you tomorrow I have to visit a place.I nodded my head and kept quite.

I know he will not say where he is going.But I knew.

Next morning I got a Call from that guy saying Good Morning and apologised for leaving yesterday soon.

This incident touched me.There were many other small moments that I couldn’t describe here.

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