Things About Money in Life

On demand of few People from Rotary Midtown Club Rajkot 

It is written keeping in Mind the Indian Scenario 
1) Banking System itself is Scam 

Banking System is the best way to grab general public money and Provide them as loan to Super rich who ultimately bankrupt by unfair mean.Although we consider it as the most authentic and reliable place to keep Money.

2) Rule of 72

If you want to know when your Money in savings will double just divide 72 by Rate of Interest.

3) You are Loosing Money in bank Every Year

The inflation rate is always above the interest rate bank provide for Fix Deposit or savings.

You are Loosing Money not in numerical term but by money loosing it’s value due to inflation.

Things that cost 100 rupees will cost 108 next year,interest rate of bank is 4% ,so you loose 4 rupees .

4) Money Makes Money

There is a saying that Idea is more Important than Money.

Rich are Getting Richer and Poor are getting Poorer.This is purely compound interest effect that show up as the year passes.For Rich it’s J-Curve for Poor it’s Reverse.

6) A Person fighting in Youth To Learn gets Rich

It is because the energy,the zest and the learning and grasping ability is at its peak in the age before 30 years.Chances for those who started after 30 has very remote Chance of success.

7) Your Education has Nothing to do with Your Financial Intelligence 

How many Chartered Accountant becomes Millionaire? Hardly Any.Why?

They know Accounting but don’t know how money comes,the Cash flow Quadrant and the Legal Escapes -Money Loopholes.

8) Asset sometimes is A Liability 

Believe it or not.If you but asset that cost you dear every month in form installment sometimes.A car can cost you installment,insirance,maintainance,fuel cost and Repairs.

9) Share Market is For Experienced 

Probability of winning a lottery in Equity market is matter of understanding the economics,the Internal Information and the study of the performance goal and Financial statement of the company for longer duration.People Gamble,Brokers earn & consoles and the Boss Wins the long game.

10) Cash Win

When it comes to Credit and Debit those who have liquidity or cash in hand win the game against the competitors.

11) Appearing Rich & Being Rich is Different 

Simplicity is sometimes the sign of your richness not outer look.Mukesh Ambani, Warren Buffet are Prime Examples of the above statement.

12) Money Doesn’t stay to those who don’t know How to do it

It is as correct as 2 plus 2 equals 4.Those who know and learn to acquire money are the ones who are real Masters in learning new Everyday.

13) Speculation is Gambling 

Accurate knowledge and Facts are important than Speculation.Being speculative mean you are Watching the Movie (Market) where you pretend to be Leading actor of that,which is illusion.

14) Diverse Portfolio is Playing Safe Not the Appreciating Investment 

You say you put money in various Industries,You screw up your money in Many fields and people have a Pride which made a marginal Profit.

In Equity Market the players loose and audience Win who stayed for Longer.

15) Invest In Your self

The greatest asset anyone on this planet have is Their own Brain.If you invest to develop your brain and improve your skills then that would be the best investment that anyone can ever make.
Thank You…Hope you find it Useful..😃

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