Things I am Gonna Miss of My Bachelor Life..

1) Shopping Days with Dad

I hardly went for shopping without dad because Costlier things is only affordable when dad is with me…

2) School Friends

Sadness is All my school friends gotta Job outside the City…

3) Cricket Matches every Weekend

It might not be possible after settling…

4) NightOuts

Just Forget it…

5) Weekend Trips

Random visit to outskirts on weekend will be missed and people accompanying too will be missed..

6) Long Walks with Friends

Sometimes It were as long as 10 to 15KM😉

7) Athletic Ground

Every day for half an hour would might not last long.

8) Helping Strangers

9) Events

All the events local and out of town including DJ,birthday parties,engagements and wedding.Staying till the function ends will be history.

10) Pranks & Flattery

Only thing I have mastery over is Flattery and prank up to some extent.It will be past sooner.

11) College Life

Singing songs,passing comments,teasing and insulting friends.Back bencher although managed to top every time without any effort. Staybacks,events,parties,friends each and everything will be missed.

12) Buying One Dessert And Not Sharing It with Anyone 

13) Funky Hairstyles

14) Unconditional Teachers Love and Support 

15) College Friends


-Chaos Creators




-Flattery Master

-Record Breakers

-Classroom Singers

-Artificial Rain Creates for Front Benchers

-Photogenic during Punishments

– Liars

-Offenders for Girls

-Mass Bunkers

-Believes in Unity is Power

-Sports People

-Rule Breakers

Sab Kaminey aur unka kaminapan….

16) Sneakers/sports shoes

17) Cricket Tournaments

-Cluster and Regionals sports Meet

-Under 19 SCA Tournaments.

18) Sports Days

19) Fun at School Annual Days

20) Outings on Rainy Days

21) Gym Training & Aerobics

22) Crushes

Beautiful part of my life…😉

23) Baroda City

City of my dream ‘Sanskari Nagari’.What an awesome city, Humble People and Open Culture.

24) Trekking Camp in HP

That’s snowy Mountains,mesmerizing atmosphere and peace you feel is like heaven.

25) Fights and Cold wars with Friends

26) Hangout Places

Saurashtra University,Titan showroom,Savan status,Cosmoplex and many many more.

27) Navaratri

The best thing any bachelor can enjoy,and if single then it is cherry on the cake.

28) My Super Fitness

29) Family Functions

30) Sleeping with Parents

31) Spending Sister’s Money 

32) Extra Pocket Money from Grandparents 

33) MY DAD

Fulfilled all my dreams and wishes and never ordered to do me Anything.Sponsored my Startup and Spent lot on my dreams.And yes gave freedom to marry as per my wish and to girl of my choice.That’s Cool.

33) Me

Singles sounds nice when someone calls you a Bachelor…;)

But Marraige has many positive aspects of its own.

Hopeful to get a Better ‘Better Half‘.

Thank you…

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