As a reader sometimes I feel Why to keep knowledge I have with me & Why not share What I have learned from book.

A thought Flashed into my mind a way is there which is a Book Talk Organised by Rotary Midtown Library Rajkot.

I went there at Library and asked for the date,It was Thursday and the authority person asked Can you do on this Saturday ? I said Yes.

I was not having the book on the day because someone few years back borrowed and it was never returned to me.

I went to purchase it in a bookstore.It cost me dear as the book was of quite less cost online.Still I bought it.

I Went home and started looking the first chapter but I thought I can never complete this book in two days.Then on same day evening I got a call from Library that our servers is down So we cannot prepare a flyer for You.

So one more task I need to do is to prepare a flyer for myself.The featured Image of this blog is what I prepared for the Flyer.

It was Friday and I have to prepare a Power Point Presentation and need to submit to the library.So the time was limited to prepare a lecture on Book.So I download a pdf format file from the internet which is off course not legal to do due to copyright infringement.

I took screenshot from the books to prepare Power Point presentation then I wrote lesson and takeaways from the book and it was already Night.

So I didn’t get much time to prepare but the lessons of the books were thoroughly were internalised because of the past reading and the hint i got when i was preparing the slides.

I wake up on Saturday with a task on my mind of rehearsing my book talk preparation.I started it after morning breakfast.It took an hour to go through slides and content to speak out.I was bit nervous as it was my first book talk.I stop thinking about result and I took many walks in my home just to feel relax.It was already two’o clock and three more hour were remaining.

The time passed in a moment and I called my friend to drop me there.He came and we started our journey to the Library.

We reached 15 minutes prior and no one was there in the room except me and friend accompanying me.Authorised person told me Your presentation will start at sharp 6’o clock and I was like whom to give presentation? My Friend ?

No one came to the auditorium room until 6 pm.Then people started coming and all came in one shot.The room was filled with people and only two chairs were left vacant.

Finally people came and I started my Presentation.It went well and it went well because I never thought about Outcome.It went for more than one and half hour.People liked the presentation and last half hour was spend on discussion.It gave me hint that it was actual brainstorming presentation as people have their question and knowledge to share.

Finally Ended people friend and many others unknown came and try shaking hands with me and gave some compliments.So I realised it was a good one.

And it was it.It was my first experience of speaking in Public.

And Lastly I want to tell You,If I can do you You can do as well.You can Find my PPT Below.


Thank You.Thank you People.Thank you Rotary Midtown Library.




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