Reasons Why You are Unhappy…

1) You Don’t have gratitude for what you have…

2) You Look & Measure someone else’s Life…


3) Comparing Your First chapter with someone’s Twentieth…


4) You are living in Years,Not in days,hours and Moments…


5) You have Linked Happiness with Money & Possession…

6) You travel Less..


7) You wait for the Right Opportunity,instead of Creating it…


8) You don’t have clear Defined Life Goals…

9) You think & think,but never Act


10) You Chase People 


11) You Eat Junk Food 

12) You are Unhealthy 

13) You don’t have faith in your deeds(karma),god,yourself and any Dogma.


14) You spend Too much time on Social Media 

15) Your Loneliness 

16) You have poor Self-esteem and You don’t have any self-worth

One Comment Add yours

  1. amrita chatturvedy says:

    True!!!! 👍👍


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