Reasons you should Marry,According to Indian Parents 

Here are the few statements in the list which are the reasons you should Marry According to Indian Parents

1) Your Sibling is getting Married 


First of all from where this idea came from.I know it’s cost savings in Marrying at the same time along with your Sibling.

2) Your Bhabhi/Mother feels lonely 


Is it the authentic reason to Marry?

3) You have a Job


Mark my words -Earning has no correlation with the right time for the wedding…

4) You are Independent


My kind of reply…You can be independent citizen but not an independent Husband😃

5) You Roam Too Much with Your Friends 


Is it a crime to hangout with friends and that too with good people who are far away from addiction,bad habits of any sort of thing whatsoever.

6) You Room is always Messy


7) You don’t have much Responsibility


One shouldn’t be free enough.One must be engaged in marriage sort of thing to get endless responsibilities.

8) You earn Enough


You earn to become independent and not to become slave of anyone for rest of the life.

9) You Seems Lonely


Is there anything wrong being alone and being happy…?

10) You sleep in Your Parents Room


It’s like making your Ideal son to a Following one..😃

11) You Fight with Them


They think if you got married you will stop arguing and fighting with your parents.

They don’t know that they have to face two people after Marraige….😂

12) You are Getting Older


Everyone is getting older….Then everyone should marry at the same age Right…?

13)We want to see our Grand Children😃


Indian Parents are funniest in their logic sometimes.

Thank You… You are Awesome…

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