My Books on Amazon Kindle…

Anyone can be an Author…

Everybody has a story to tell to this entire world.Some are written in the books and some are confined in the hearts.

This is written for those who have ideas,stories and imagination to share with people without a single Penny.

“Everyone becomes author when they are in Love”


I am fond of reading and I read something daily but off course not the newspapers.

As I was reading a thought flashed into my mind why some books are good in content but do not get recognition?

So I thought why not to convey idea through pictures and that too Colourful.I instantly start Searching on Google how to Write and publish without taking any trouble at all.

Than I came across Amazon self publishing platform where you can publish any sort of book by your own.That’s why we all love zeff bezos.I gotta feeling that why entrepreneurs and startups are changing the lives of millions by bridging the gap and finding solutions for General public.

I have written many blogs for the sole purpose of entertainment.I took one of them and added pictures to each of the point and made a PDF format book.I didn’t think that much at the time when I was uploading the book on Amazon.I thought doing something is better than doing nothing.

Then it followed by series of steps to fill up as per guidelines of Amazon Kindle.

My book was uploaded successfully but was not published as it requires a proper cover of book to upload.

Thanks to Amazon,it provides its own cover creator so that you don’t need to go anywhere and convert into other formats to upload.The book was still in review.

I thought a book with 25 pages cannot be publish and will Fail in the review process itself.So I waited and forget about my book that day.

A day after I received a mail from Amazon Kindle that your book is published and available to customer.

So official Amazon has given me a credentials for becoming an Author.I became an author by fun….😂

If you don’t have anyone to publish your book, Amazon is there..

You can search my books on is available for Kindle edition.If you are a Amazon prime member then you can borrow this book for 14 days without any cost.You can finish reading My book within quarter of an hour.
Making money is not my motive but I am sharing this to notify that if you have a good content,name it and publish it on Amazon.

Amazon have 20 million dollars fund for the self publishing author on Amazon Kindle.So you might have chance to earn loyalty through sales of your book.
This is a link to show my books that are available on Click here.All of them are picture books as I am a beginner in writing.

Similarly you can start your Own magazine for your Start-up as I created for my college friends.Click here.

Thank you and keep Rocking because you are awesome….😃
Here are list of My Books on

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