Job Vs Startup 

This blog is for the people in dilemma whether to go for Job or Business…

I am being part of both.I have worked for others as well as my own.

1)Job is the instant access to the money Against the service you rendered for particular period of time.

Startup is Not at all easy and you have to forget the money for undeclared period of time.

2)Job is something working for your self interest.

Start-up is working for value addition in the society with little intent of self-interest.

3) Job is the safest option for securing your living expenses.

For Startups forget money,you might need to employ more capital from loans,borrowings.Sometimes you need to save from your leisure activities.

4) The working hours is fixed for the job.

For startups working hours is not fixed and as an entrepreneur you might have to work for 15 hours some days.

5) Holidays are regular and fixed.

For startups there is less scope of fixed holidays.You might need to work on family functions.

6) There Is Job descriptions mentioned for a so called Job.

For entrepreneurs they need to carry out more than assigned task including awareness generating,marketing,hiring,training,mentoring,and numerous more thing.Sometimes you need to trivial looking task as well.

7) Job doesn’t require any Brain Storming activities.Activities generally by nature is stereotype.

For Start-up the task changes as per the external business environment.Entreprenuer need to be dynamic to tolerate the changes.

8) Job seems boring after few Months.

For startups and entrepreneurs you don’t get time to get Bore.The responsibilities are many and you have to figure out ways to carry out each of them.

9) Job Guarantees Payment.

Startups don’t guarantee payment or cash flow.For initial years you as an entrepreneur might be earning less than the janitor of you work place.It true guys.

Amazon realized their first profit after 6 Years.If you don’t believe just Google it.

And I must let you know the founder of Amazon zeff bezos is the richest man on this planet,and the only centi-billionaire in the History of Mankind.

10) People will never question you JOB.

Crowd is sitting just to criticize you startup.They will question your every action in the run.

Again I would like to quote a statement from Jeff Bezos that “If you are building some valuable than you need to have the ability to misunderstood for a long duration of time.

11) People in Job is not learning anything new Everyday.

For startup and entrepreneurs the only surviving mode is constant learning and improving.

12) You will Never fail in Job.

You will fail more than dozens of times and you yourself need to lift yourself and start believing in your ideas.You need FAITH.

13) Experience

You will get similar experiences in job while in a startup you will get rollercoaster experiences.

14) Learning

For a Job you can go on continuing your Profession without learning anything new.Bit in a startup you have to learn continuously regarding your business and have a good eye on the moves of your competitors.

15) Work Time

For Job 9*5 is All you have to spent.In Business startup you might have to spent sleepless nights,days sometime years just to make sure you win at some point of time.

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