Checklist For Starting a Preschool 

Starting a Preschool is Complex subject than it seems to be.

Anyone can Start preschool,but for those whose intent is to add value to the society it takes organized planning and efforts.

Firstly a single person cannot do anything,A team is Required for this.

Secondly,the planning should be done 6 months prior to the date of Commencement.

Thirdly specialized knowledge is to be acquired by the Entrepreneur through various sources.

First thing after the plan is hiring the teacher is crucial task for the Preschool Starters.Hiring a qualified candidate for the position of head teacher is of greatest significance.Next step involve in the process is to hiring other teachers,assistant teacher and support staff who can arrange material for the activities and at the same time looking for proper Heigene and sanitation for thee kids.Teachers and Assistant teacher has to be trained which the majority of Preschool miss out.

All the Members involved in Preschool MUST have Harmonious relations with each other.


Training program for teachers should be focus in this particular areas –

Communication skills to Interact with Parents,students and other staff members.

Curriculum Knowledge.

Tool and techniques involved in the activities based learning .

Safety and Precautions measure while guiding and teaching students.

English language Development -Fluency is Must


Being a Educational Video Curriculum Designer for English the first thought that came to my mind was that how can a child learn English due to the fact that they are new and not accustomed to technology as the adult learners are.

So For English the repetition was the known method for teaching the Pupils. Repetition can be involved in many ways such as Flipcards,video and Real time Voice with teacher Pointing Object nearby.To increase the intent of English skills the name tag for each item should be embed with every object.It is easier and it can be carried out with little effort.

Let me take you to through the extra curricular activities:

Sand Play 


It helps to develop and improve Fine motor skills and coordination skills

Water play


It is used to teach the color and it’s blending effect.It can also be carried out to demonstrate scientific phenomena.

Free play


Giving freedom to children to do whatsoever they want to do handing over them some toys.

Brain Exercise 


It is not a supernatural exercise as Claimed by many.It helps to activate the left brain and right brain simultaneously thus helps in learning anything easily.


Dance is loved by the children.They can express themselves and open up when the music is turn on. Festival based Dance can help them to understand it well such as janmashtami,Ganpati utsav and Navaratri Garba.

Clay Games


Clay Games will improve the fine Motor skills of the kids.Clay can be prepared by traditional dough which offers a benefit of toxins free clay.

Block Games 


It will help in development of neurons and understand the concept of spatial arrangements.

Outdoor Games

Outdoor games is decided As per area Available.Outdoor games makes them happy and crazy.Instructions in games must be given in both English and the Local language,thus will help them to learn English as well.

Festival Celebration

Theme Of Preschool




Montessori required more space and more observation from the teacher.

Kindergarten is most popular all across the country.Group based learning will develop the Social Skills.Emotional Development can also be done using this style of Preschool.


Go for some Nontoxic toys available in the market.

There is lot more to it such as Marketing,Field trips,Annual day,Parenting Workshop,etc.


Thank You.

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