Kick-start to Your Digital Marketing Career

The world is moving towards the Digital technology.Business is also employing the technology in their business.

People are absorbed in the social media these days.Every one has a mobile phone or a table this days.So the companies are looking for advertise and promote their products on the Social media platforms and the video hosting platforms.

The Facebook has become the nearest neighbor to everyone in the society.

So this article is on how to start your journey in digital marketing career.

First of all it’s not as easy as it seems and not as hard as it appears.The important thing is to start.It can get you job even as bachelor’s degrees of college can do for you.

For the new aspirant it recommend to install few applications from Google play store.For Indians download the primer app from the play store.It will give you brief overview of digital Marketing.Primer is specifically prepared for Indians looking for marketing product and services without any prior experience.

Then complete the course and and start trialing it on the internet by spending few bucks.Bucks invested will make you take the promotion and practice seriously.

Then Enroll yourself into Google Digital Unlocked program and  Start preparing from it.It is not comprehensive but it will help the beginners to grasp the top layer of the Digital marketing.It will take you to the tools and techniques available for the promotion.It will guide you in SEM search Engine Marketing process,the chief object of the course.Google helps you free Because in the future money will go to Google in some or the other way.It will guide you through the types of advertisement and keywords program for your advertisement campaign.

For Authentication See it :

After completing these course ypuust go for the Google digital Garage by Google in Collaboration with IBS Hyderabad.It is designed to get more out of You and provides a stepping stone for those who have have completed digital unlocked program.It will provide you cases and you have to apply it in other similar cases.Few questions you need to answer after each topics.This questions are generally easy.

So Complete this course and you will be on the first step on your way to become proficient Digital Marketer.It is not an end but the beginning of you career.Learning in this career is unlimited.SEO norms changes every single day.

If you need any help then feel free to contact me from the details I provided on this website.

Thank You and All the best…😃

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