Penny wise Pound Foolish 

I am going to talk about the Penny Wise people.This people are experts in saving money.

Each and every moments of their life is spent on how to save money.

They don’t enjoy life.These people just busy in counting the money.Penny wise people think hundred times before spending a ten Rupees note.

These people money so many time even the notes get scars.

I am telling you stay away from this people.These people will bring you down.These people are dangerous for your exciting and thrilling life.


The best thing about the so called Penny wise people is that their penny gets saved wisely.:)


They are experts in measuring each experience of their life in terms of money.Money will be saved,but at the same time precious moments of life is washed out.

Sometimes this type of thinking turn them into a greedy.Generally these people are less welcomed.

Make friends who have Big hearts not those with fingers counting money all the time.

These people generally don’t succeed in life because of their stingy nature.In the long run they have wasted enough time in saving penny that they forgot that these penny would have been pounds by many folds.

Honestly speaking their Partners feels embarrassed when this penny wise act done in public.They often provides alternative just to make sure there chiller is saved in the shift.

My advise to all Marry a guy with a big heart and not a penny wise.Y you cannot bare for lifetime after all.
I saw a touchy case personally so I thought of writing something on this topic.

This people end up being Penny Wise Pound Fool.


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