My IELTS Experience 

I would like to share my experience regarding the IELTS exam that took last year.

Yes.I took.We all speak and use wrong English.People who appears for the exam are exam takers not the givers and the teachers are exam givers according to proper language usage.

I got to know just when I started the IELTS Coaching Institution.

I would like to name of the institute Ignite Academy Near Crystal Mall Rajkot.The tutor from whom I learned is Khusbumam.

Khusbumam is one of the experienced teacher in IELTS in entire Rajkot.She is also recognized by Faces of Rajkot at this young Age.

I and my two friends were the first students for the Institute.We were impressed by the first demonstration lecture.It was too far still I decided to join by considering the way she taught in Demo Lecture.

First day was of overview.The sections LSRW Listening,Speaking,Reading and Writing.The time for each sections and weekly planning was discussed.All sections are consist of 40 Marks.Overall Band Score is 9.0.

My tuition started with the writing section first.In writing section there can be one of the either essays Argument essay and discussion essay.On the first day itself we were taught the pattern to write any particular essay. Discussion essay was somewhat difficult than the Argument.From day one we were assigned task to write essay every single day.Topics were given at the end of each session.

I was looking for improvement so I started writing essays everyday as per instructions.Others didn’t even write a essay a week throwing weird excuses.

My essays started improving day by day as the time passes by my efforts and ma’am corrective input.I was okay with the essay now I can score 6.5 or above.

Then starts Reading section,which is the hardest for non native especially for a guy from Rajkot.Although I had my entire schooling from English medium school and that too CBSE it was still tough to handle the language and terminology used by the Cambridge and IDP curriculum.First time I got 21/40.Next time 23 ,then 27,Never reached 28.One instance I got 17 in class test ma’am got infuriated on us and gave blunt lectures to me and my friends by telling you are not at all serious.You guys are here to create nonsense and nuisance.We were shocked seeing ma’am getting angry for the first time in one month time.We all three (me and two of my friends)started preparing but it was difficult to go above 28.We kept on taking reading section test without failing.

Then the easiest seemingly section started that was listening.We thought it was the easiest as people gets good score in listening in general.Our first test begin.We were shattered and felt helpless as we were unable to answer half of the questions and I end up getting 17.Even Gujarati medium guys can score more than this.Ma’am told that it was the toughest listening test in IELTS curriculum.We felt relieved.Then score improved weekly from 20’s to 30’s. I was confident enough to score above 30,e equivalent to 7 or above band.

Speaking was another section we all had on every Friday along with the weekly sessions on rest of the section.It was disastrous for the first time.Being an English medium student it was certainly not easy the type of question asked.

It was 3 step exam –

1) Introduction

2) Cue card

3) Follow up Questions

Let me illustrate a few cue card.Describe your favourite wall.Describe a toy you liked in your childhood.

And Follow up Questions might be why do like that particular wall.?Why do like that toy.? Questions like this are Dozen in numbers.

Practice is more important than the Actual Score.It makes you habitual and familiar the exam.

Finally two days before the exam I called ma’am for what to do and she told just relax.

Lastly and Finally

My speaking exam venue for speaking Module was in

I was not tensed as other candidates were,i am just chilling and holding my nerves.

My turn came,I was able to answer quite well.I got questions on News Media,not relevant but I was able manage and manipulate by the techniques that learned in Coaching class.

After a day I had other 3 Modules exam in Meena Meridian banquet.Writing went good,listening went awesome but Reading scribble me again.I ran out of time.But I was not as worried as people around me were.
Results were to declared after 15 days.I don’t care about it I went to a meditation retreat near Mumbai where Mobile phones were not allowed to use.Forget mobile phones you cannot even speak a single word in 11 continuous days till you complete your full Meditation course.

On last day and at the end of the retreat I was allowed to use mobile phone.As soon as I started my phone I got thousands of messages some of asking and majority of them were Birthday wishes on Whatsapp. Suddenly a call came from My IELTS ma’am about the results.She told results were out a week before and your phone is unreachable.I even didn’t had a Seat number to check my results.Next day when I returned to home,i again got a call to check my results.

It was a good one.






This was my story of IELTS exams.

All the credit goes to my tutor Khusbumam.I am thankful to be a part of your institute.Hopefully this will help aspirants of IELTS. Practice will give you results not short cuts.

Thank You

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