Craziest things we Did in the school Days

I miss my school days.We all miss our school days.I was just thinking to write on this topic,finally got time to do so.

1) Pledge skip

India is my country.

All Indians are my brothers and brothers.

2) Fight for Cricket pitch

Being Juniors you have to bow down and being senior it’s you right on everything you keep your hand on.

3) Paper Leak

We got all the papers of Hindi for entire two years 8 and 9th.Thanks to Sarang bhaiya.Only boys are allowed to participate in it.In this subject boys would get better marks than Girls.

4) Stealing Sodium from Chemistry Laboratory 

Being a science student we steal some stuff just to have fun experiment ourselves.
5) Copying Experiment Readings

This was the common phenomena,hardly anyone takes the actual experimental reading.
6) Passing time in Music Room In CCA 

CCA stands for Co-Curriculum Activities.We enjoyed to listen the drums played by some student expert.I remember Dhan tan From Kaminey was popular at that time.
7) Weird Punishment 

Once we were called to biology lab which is on second floor and our class was on ground floor.We reached the lab and sir asked to remove our shoes.we did.Then he told go to class.Lol…😂
Moorga bhi ek baar banana apda tha.

Once I was insulted badly in the classroom by my English teacher by saying this exact words “Idiot I will kick your a**and sent you out of the classroom.

Whose fault it was anyone remember…p star…

8) Firing crackers at Avadh

Wow..What a experience it was.We all crazy guys just plan fireworks at Avadh.

Amazing Echo it produces..

9) Time Bomb

This generation where technology is prevailing the students will not put efforts on innovative way to fire crackers like we did.

We used two agarbaati and bomb tied at the bottom of the agarbaati.It works as time bomb.

10) Shouting in Farewell Party 

All the nonsensical act we did on our farewell by shouting as loudly as possible while standing in a queue for food.
11) Speaking abusive language to south Indian teachers 

South Indian teachers didn’t understand the gujarati language so we take advantage against them whenever needed just to have giggles and laughters.

12) Asking for paper from Physics Teacher 

Only KVians can do this.You just go and ask your teacher for the question that is going to be asked in the examination.

Sir would agree all the boys’ request and ask to bring a Kilogram of sweet next day from each boy.We fulfill all demand if something worthwhile is received from the teacher.

13) India Vs Pakistan 

We enjoyed a lot at Thomson’s home.India won the game and Screaming started inside the home.

I miss this days.

14) NightOut

We went to avadh,vagudad,metoda and remote areas near the city just to pass the entire night.

Sometimes we ask randomly to people as where can we see the ghost here.?

15) Khirashra Palace Visit 

Margaretta Pizza we all love to it there.At that time it was the best thing to eat.

Mouth freshener is poured inside one guy’s pocket each time we visit.I am not revealing but we all know.

16) Riding Triple 

We all did this in our school time.

17) Hooting During Prize Distribution Ceremony 

We were playing regional Cricket tournament at Baroda representing Cluster-D.We lost all the matches so when the prize distribution was going on we all started Hooting loudly.We all were sent out of the hall that day.😂

18) Teasing with Names

Name from father,mother,even the grandfather was popular form of teasing…

I remember many of them illa,kautapundrigaksh,ramanna,bavaa,sekhu,a**,list is long…

19) Diu Reunion 

The reunion to be remember and to forgt at the same time.Friends order beer for all.

I tried it for the first time and competition with experienced dude turned out to be the greatest misery of my life.I was out and sleepy.I even felt intoxicated after 12 hours too.Worst experience of my life.

That was the first and the last time I consumed any Alcoholic beverages.

Believe me it’s not tasty and it’s not pleasurable and comes with a loss of control on yourself.Bloody movies have bombarded this stuff.I advice you to never try it.

20) Stealing Maths paper from computer 

We all know the person who did it.Again it was courageous to do.But for a computer freak it was an easy game.
Mathematics was difficult for majority of problem.

21) Using Government’s Tata Sumo to Commute 

Our 10th exams was arranged in DPS Rajkot.At that time for CBSE it was the only center Available.We went in Tata Sumo of one of the friend’s dad who works in Civil engineering department.

22) Founders of RDB

We were among the first hundred people to explore this awesome place near Rajkot.We founded it when we bunked the school 10 years ago.Actually the purpose of RDB was to build a Check Dam as told by official working there.

We love throw stone and have pictures clicked there.

23) Nyari Dam

Unexplored parts of nyari is explored by us when we were in school.There are more than half a dozen ways to reach different parts of the dam.Worth Exploring.

24) Dominos Pizza at school 

We used to order Dominos Pizzas and to be delivered at school address.At that time I remember the price was starting from 39 for small size.

Looking at this I ave to visit it soon.Yummy.

25 )

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