Why I favour Love Marriage

Before starting,I want to inform you that this Blog article is for who is open Minded People.And I affirm I am not at all against the Arrange Marriages.


LOVE itself is the big Word.Major population miss the real definition of actual Love.

Love means Freedom,

Love means Compassion,

Love means going beyond face,

Love means sense of connection,

Love means Liberation from any bondage.

Love is purely Spiritual.Where Love tends to exist the fear vanish.

Now coming right to the point why i favour Love Marriage over arranged marriage.

Arrange Marraiges

Arrange Marriages are prominent sort of marriages that take place in our Country.

I can sum up Whole discussion in one single straight-forward illustration – Parents be like “Never talk to the strangers,but marry them”.

The pre-requisite of Arrange Marriages is a Mediator,the person who know the both the families involved in the case-the to be bride and to be groom.

To be a Mediator is not an easy job because it is that person who will be answerable to both the families if the marriage doesn’t work.But Mediators,in general,doesn’t know the needs,interest,concern,aspirations,goals,beliefs,likes and dislikes of the the people who are actually getting married.That’s the first point that is overlooked in arrange marriage.Sometimes even the mediators even have never talked to the to-be bride and group.They solely remain mediators just because he or she knows one of the decision making members of family from the two families.

Mediators is at sometimes is the real defaulters because he/she deliberately hide the some of the negative traits that should be taken into consideration.It happens, especially in my caste.The point they don’t take in notice is generally habits of smoking,alcoholic and tobacco consumption of a ‘potential’ groom.This problem are general in nature and prevailing in the society where I live.

I have seen many men reveals of their addiction right after the marriage,where girls(who were not the actual decision makers) is in no position to offend against.The addiction can go from smoking to drug indulgence.There occurs a situation of forced acceptance of the addiction.

Sometimes two people fall in love in between engagement and wedding,that’s rare and fabulous…

Love Marriages


Now let us move towards Love Marriages,

I can sum up in a statement as I did it in arrange marriage by this line -” A known Kamina is far better than an Unknown Kamina”.

I used such extreme words just to make you understand the intensity of the message.

First of all,the people involved in relationship knows each and everything about their partners.It starts from the favourite colours,actor,actress,movies,dress,travel destination,leisure,interest,the past relationships, and to the intricacies of the professional life.

The mutual acceptance and understanding between the two people is the pivotal aspects of Love Marriages.

There is exception Of Love marriages as well,that is that some so called love marriages where a Partner may be Gold-digger or other Would be one who tag everything with external beauty.Society miss this point when evaluating a reason for failure of Love marriages.I think this is the only reason that i can sort out of Love marriage Failure.

One of the Gujarati Orator Sanjay Raval claim that the Love marriages that ends up in divorces were actually not based on Love.

Love Marriage offers several other benefits are that there is rare chance of extra-marital affairs,but in arrange marriages the cases are prevailing predominately.Couple who got married with beloved partners feel lucky more than those who got married in arrange manner (As per a Survey).These Couples can Direct their life energies in the right directions.

Often we Come across Super Successful people who actually got click in their endeavours after they married to their beloved partner.

From : Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon hill

Summing Up,these were the reason why favour Love Marriages over arranged marriage.

Sometimes stubbornness of a woman can lead a man to height of achievement.

I would like to confirm this is purely based on my observation and I have no authority to advise anyone as I have never been into any sort of love/relationship…lol..;)


Thnak you… 🙂

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