Personal Development

success-picture-for-all-the-bestIt is Combined Summary or Book Review of many Personal development books that had ever produced in the history of human civilisation.

I have completed reading and thoroughly understanding these books named as Think and Grow Rich and How to win Friends and Influence people.

I personally believe that ancient books are far superior than the modern books.

Now Straightaway,I will mention the lessons from Self-Help books for Being into Centre of attraction.

Pre-requisites for injecting these skills :

1) It’s not an overnight success.

2) It’s an outdoor activity(Mostly).

3) Open Mind-

If you any query/doubt ? Just apply do not take offence.


People Skills includes the following Act :


-Everyone gets notice of your SMILE.

2)Remember FULL NAME of every individual you meet and come across.

-For any person on entire earth the most beautiful word is his/her NAME.

3)Give sincere APPRECIATION.

-APPRECIATE the other person in any means of his/her personality.Do not make it to the extent of flattery.


-The best thing any person can have is LISTENING Because the other person will always his/her story to tell as people talk more listen less.

5)Never ARGUE

-The only way to win the argument is to avoid it.No one ever won other person’s hearth by wining the  argument.

6)Admit If you are WRONG.

-To satisfy the other person ego,we Must APOLOGISE.

7)Talk of Other People’s Interest.

-You can win people just by talking of their interest rather than talking about your own interest.

8)Never tell anyone that he/she is WRONG.

-You might be right but the Other person might get Hurt for purpose of his Prestige.

Apply All the Above Technical step and you will become a person with PERSONAL MAGNETISM.

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