How to Become a Digital Marketer

As we know the 21st century belongs to Technology and Social Media..

Nowadays everything is available at our fingertips.Just few buttons away to order a food or buy some stuff from e-commerce website.

So there is a huge scope of Digital Marketing Expert in India.The reason for that is that people spend more than 3 hours a day using a mobile phone.

As a digital marketer your job is to make a business reach to their customers in most easiest and efficient way.

Flyers, pamphlets,newspaper advertisement is getting remote day by day.New Marketing Techniques are emerging from various social media Platforms and Search Engines.

Almost everybody has access to the internet this days.People are readily using this device to search and navigate for the things they are looking for.For a digital Marketer the prime objective is help the business to reach the people who are looking for specific product.
To become a Digital Marketer this are the Sources of knowledge & Information :

1) Primer

Download this app developed by the Google just for the Indian population.

It gives you basic idea about what actually it is.

2) Go to

Visit this website and you will find many digital marketing course available at low price.It is worth purchasing the course at

3) Digital Unlocked

A month course that you can enroll in for free.You will get basic skills regarding marketing online.You will able to learn the various platforms available and how to exploit each of it.Visit official Website Digital Unlocked.

4) Digital Garage

This is an another course designed by the Google.It is developed with the collaboration of IBS Hyderabad and Google.I recommend to go for it after you have completed above mentioned.It is relatively advance than the other courses.Visit official Website Digital Garage.

5) Online Marketing Foundation -Linkedin

This course is not free.You have to pay for it.The best course for any digital marketing seeker and looking for a start from basic.Search it from Linkedin .

6) Social Media Marketing – LinkedIn

It is one more step towards becoming a digital Marketer.You will overall insights of the fundamentals of Social media Marketing.Search it from Linkedin .

7) Google Analytic – LinkedIn & Google

This is called the evaluator of the digital Marketing efforts.It provides Insights of the campaign we have created.It’s hard and deep to understand.Search it from Linkedin .

8) SEO Foundation – LinkedIn

This comes with a price as well.This is what defines you as a digital marketer.If you become good at it world will follow you.It also opens the doors of global opportunity.Search it from Linkedin .

) WordPressLinkedIn

Developing a website without understanding the concept of computer science and Coding.It is must take course to easily understand how to build a website for your client.

10) HTML & CSS basic

You can opt for any options for these courses.Basic understanding will get you there. COURSERA.COM is also a good option for it.You can Enrol for free but for certificate you need to pay.


A course that can take you to a new level in your digital marketing Journey.It is delivered by experts and created by Facebook and Google team members.


Some more things to Become a Digital Marketer are

1) Buying a Domain name is the best…

2) Hosting website

-Website builder and WordPress are good options…

3) Change the server name

-DNS server name change must be understand before jumping into the business
Keep learning the current trend and stay updated with the recent changes in the SEO filtration.

Thank you… Hopefully you got the idea from where to start and path to follow in your digital marketing journey…

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