College Dialogues That Deserves Box-Office

1) Open the doors of the windows,let the air force come in… -Devit Nandani

What do you mean???

2) You all are the members of apurva Ghurka riffles

Devit Nandani

3) Aav Bhai…Aav…

– ALL (Akash/karan/samip/hemal )

Though it simple it seems,but when you see your closest buddy this words comes out with full enthusiasm and louder.

4) I am Parth Sagar,I have completed my 12 standard from BNB INTERNATIONAL School.

Parth Sagar

Parth you nailed it that day…

5) Jay Mataji

– Karandeepsinh/Parthrajsin/harpalsinh

6) Oli Joti hati

ALL boys Randomly


7) What is your name ?

Which Subject do you teach ?(At end of semester time)

-Devit Nandani


Not only students are funny,Teachers too have sense of humour.

Some dialogues by teacher By Teacher’s


1) Out…Out…Out…Out of the Classroom…

Dean sir First Semester

2) Ubho tha… Classroom Ni baar nikdi ja…Mare kay sambhadvu nathy…

-Bhakti Ma’am

3) Bagicho chhe aa?

-God Himself (BNB)

4) Tame college kyare padharvana Cho?

-Dharmesh sir on Phone

5) Tell me the name of the subjects of this semester…?;)

– HOD sir


6) Lecture pela Ola ne gotva jova pade and oline gotva jaavi pade,Saru thyu bey ek jagya e madi gaya…😂

-Pratik Puan sir


7) See Guys Everything is not in my Hand…

-Shivam Popat Sir

8) Guys this is not the way you behave in front of Your Teacher

-Pankaj sir

9) Sarkar Badli gay Chhe…Samji Jajo…

-Pratik Paun Sir

10) Tame Boys badha Doba chho…

-Bhakti Mam

11) Mari same Dalil to nay j karvani..

Bhakti maam 


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