Best Things in My City -Rajkot

1) City is called as Rangiloo Rajkot .


2) People in Rajkot are called Rangila Manso.


3) Rangiloo Rajkot is famous for it traditional stuffs -Lok sangeet,garba,culture and customs.


4) You cannot find CHHAKDA in any Corner of the World,Except Rajkot.

The colorful Chakda of Gujarat - Must Experience on a holiday to Kutch.jpg

5) HomeMade Speed Breakers 

I have seen people building small speed breakers in the street by their own without any sort of permission from regulatory authority.


This is for avoiding the reckless driving by many people .

6) Community Name embedded on the Vehicle 

I personally travelling many cities across many states of India,such things only happens in Rajkot.

For example –



Jay Mataji


SwamiNarayan Tilak

Jay jalaram

Jay Murlidhar

Aay Shri Khasiyat & many more.

7) SCA Stadium Rajkot 

What a beauty it is.I have spends days during IPL seasons.

Some videos &  a picture from IPL.

8) Horror Place – Avadh

The place I played cricket during school and college days and off course Firing Crackers to make a huge blasting Sounds.

This pics are the ones that I captured when we bunked class during monsoon.

There is nothing in this place to afraid of or considering horror.

9) Night Out Places

TGM and ShivShakti are the most popular night out place for the people of Rajkot.

Majority of people sits on the TGM benches and go for snacks at shivshakti.

10) Unlimited Pizza

This is a trend nowadays,college students are rushing at such places which offers unlimited Pizzas,Garlic Bread,a beverage and a brownie for dessert.

But No one can beat Dominos,especially when you have an acquaintance working in the dominos – each time you get one on one.

11) Chocolate Shakes Corners

People are Willing to spend extravagantly for chocolate Shakes,that’s the reason why SHANTUSHTI and DNS are popular.Its like an addiction.We now have many options.

12) Dams 


Aji Dam and Nyari dams adds beauty to Rajkot.Nyari dam is in development for General Public.People like to visit during Monsoon Showers.

14) New 150 Ring Road Rajkot

The new destination for Photographers.You can find people capturing photo professionally even at midnight.You may find girls on bullet on this Road.

15) Khanderi Stadium 

The old cricket stadium undertaken by Rajkot Municipal Corporation.

The place where I spend my cricketing days.

Fire show is organised in this ground every year with some promotion of political party in Rule.Amazing and crowded at the time.

Few pictures taken from Racecourse Road.

16) Racecourse Ring Road

It is not so popular as it was in the past.Still we can see people sitting on the sides of the road and enjoying the stardum of the city’s wonderful and luxurious car.

17) Rajkot Indoor Stadium

Best facilities with affordable price for any indoor game.Well maintained and equipped with good infrastructure and Lights.

I consider it the best place to learn Car Driving.

18) Football Ground Racecourse 

Another wonderful ground in Rajkot for the football lovers.Many night football tournaments are organized every Month.

19) Hockey stadium 

It’s behind the football ground Rajkot.It is the best Hockey stadium in entire Saurashtra.Must visit.

20) Fun Street

The newly developed fun street in Rajkot will definitely take away your heart.

What a design it has and well maintained by the Rajkot Municipal Corporation.

I recommend everyone to visit this beautiful place.

21) City Cost you Dear

I would like to mention that Rajkot is third Most costliest city in India after Bangalore and Pune.Still people never give second thought while spending.

22) Everyone Knows some or the other Politician 

Whenever you being caught by a policemen people in Rajkot start calling anyone so called Hasti just to save 50 by asking for a favour..😂

24) Black Money 

Everybody is millionaire…😉You can see lots of luxury cars and overpriced Real estates spread all across the city.

25) Chief Professions

Two chief Professions of Rajkotian are first Property Agent or the unregistered Financiers…True…😉

Some People here Making money without any effort as little as lifting a little finger.😂


Thank you…

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