Enjoy fruits For being a Humorous Guy

If you have keen sense of humour then you are welcome everywhere.It is my personal opinion as well as Experienced in all walks of my life.

What is the best that a person can do to the other person.Making others Happy.

The best thing you can do for someone is you can make them happy.

Making others happy is the easiest way to find some space in peoples’ Hearts.

I am always being witty right starting from the school.My family suggest that I got it from my father.I think they are right.

From the school days I was busy in monkeying people and punished sometimes to do so.

My definition of humour is nothing more than Itelligence working with the creativity with an instant response.

It’s not at all easy for a Introvert to learn this skill.

Here are point what Humour can do for you :

1) Flexibility 

It give a huge flexibility in your Relationships with others.

Why the people is telling around that a girl likes a guy with sense of humour.

Leave girls,all people likes a guy with humorous words.

You can communicate with any sort of person just involving a little bit Humour in it.

Even the great world leaders are humorous.Warren Buffet is on the top of this list.

2) Fun in the class

People will fight to sit with you.Yeah this will happen if you are a sit-down comedian😃

Sometimes often people will want to stay away from you just for the reason of being caught by the teacher while bursting into laugh at your jokes and tiny punch line.


“I Think being naughty and being Never picked by the teacher is Just Incredible”

3) Bargain 

Yeah…Have you ever seen any seller giving discount to the person who is serious in voice and get up.Never.

Only the guy with some sense of naughtiness will be the one who can win bargaining deal.


Everyone wants to surround to someone who is witty in his conduct irrespective of your social status.People hold on to those who provides them free entertainment in form of pranks,jokes,poor jokes,etc.


Any relation in this planet can be enhanced if you can dramatise your idea by spicing it up by tiny humorous tweets.


Be Humorous….Be happy….Spread Happiness…

Thank You.

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