People Who Inspires Me

1) Vivek Bindra 


Truly a Genius person in the Country.Creating Impact on the lives of millions through motivational programs and free Video Lectures.

2) Harsha Bhogale


One of the alumni of IIM Ahemdabad and the nonstartup Guy.The way he play with the words and language is incredible in so many ways.He is the best Commentator in the world in the game of cricket.

3) Napoleon Hill 


Author of most famous book Think and Grow Rich and the powerful lectures delivered to Change the course of human life.His many other books are awesome as well.

4) Dale Carnegie 


The author of epic book How to Win Friends and Influence People.His another famous book named as how to stop worrying and start living to handle stress and live Happy.

5) MSDhoni


I cannot describe the level of inspiration I got from Mahendra Singh dhoni.I have written an article few months ago on mahindra Singh dhoni which will give you aspects in which he is great in many ways.The calmness in me is just an imitation of him.

6) My father 

Worked seriously hard in his life just to make Sure that I get far better life than his own.I am in huge indebt for his efforts and might not payback.I am inspired to work with ethics and in righteous manner.

7) Sandeep Maheshwari 


He is simply awesome in so many ways.He is a great entrepreneur of India and a motivational speaker directing students and youth to improve their lives.

8) Bill Brit


Amway Business fame,Bill Brit a unknown to me until I read his biography IRON MAN,SILKEN HEART has blown my mind.I became fan not only as a business tycoon but also his relationship with his wife and people around was absolutely amazing.

9) Dinesh Kumar


A spiritual teacher who gave me the best technique for focusing and concentration which brought revolutionary change in my work productivity and learning.I am in debt for his free lecture that actually are priceless. I wonder why he is not popular although his knowledge and speech is best in the field.

10) My Future

I am very much positive about my future.Responsibilities I have and that are going to come in near life.It makes me alert and active and takes away factor of laziness in me.

Life is a game where I need to succeed in every journey.

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