Thing’s I don’t Like in Indian Society

1)  Animal Brutalisation


Why to beat those who cannot speak and have intelligence as Human does have ?They are Innocent and have emotional bonding with their fellow community.

2) Honking


People in India honks a lot.Everybody want to get ahead of everybody that’s impossible.In Abroad it is a sign of Insulting others nearby.

3) Media


What the hell they are showing to Indians.Fights,crimes,rapes,accidents,Child abuse,Riots are all what they shows based on their own biased agenda.These people exaggerate this like hell.

4) Newspapers


Daily newspaper is similar as Media.I know it falls under Media but I am specifying because people exposed to negative news in the morning will disturb his emotional stability. Have you find any News on Education,Girl & Woman Empowerment,Local Sports,Compassion news on First Page ? No.

5) Judgemental

Sorry to too many reading this you most probably one of them.You are judgemental not because of you but your parenting made it.A boy and a Girl together is seen with doubt in many corners of the country.Every Boy is not a douchebag.

6) Voting

7) Rash Driving 


More number of people die due to Road Accidents than Heart Attacks in India.Life is Important than Time.

8) Monopoly 


Some business has created monopoly which gives power in the hands of few and therefore they have direct influence on the ruling government.

9) Woman Harassment


Its shame for the Indian society,the place where the women were given the status of goddess.

10) Rapes

The least thing anyone can expect is that government and authority taking no serious consideration of rape victim.We all are selfish because we don’t take stand just because it doesn’t happen to our own.

11) Discrimination


It’s prevailing in this society.Thanks to god, i got my schooling from central school Rajkot where you gotta know all type of people from vivid background and cultures.Thanks to my dad who got me admitted in this prestigious institute.

12) Religion

The only religion should be of ‘HUMINITY’.I am not an authority to speak upon this topic.

If someone Ask your Caste it means he/she isn’t human Being.God haven’t created Caste system.It is the Commercialization of Religion has brought this concept.

I think you,me and everyone is the same ,It is what I learned from my school (Central school Rajkot).

13) Reservation

This is the reason for the Brain Drain in India.Its awful if a deserving guy has to sit back just due to reserved seat for the unfit candidate.


 15) Close Minded People 

Thank You.

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