Why MSD Deserves Huge Respect

Best thing that happened to Indian cricket Team is Mahendra Singh Dhoni…

Kalam sir cannot be Wrong…

1) A small Town Boy


You know or not,it is next to impossible to reach the national team if you belongs to a small town.How many Indian Cricketers you remember from Small Town.Hardly any.

2) Averaging over 50 Right from the start


Only a few countable players has did it.S till critics are moving around the corners and Blaming him for anything happens in the match.This is all due to very high expectations we keep by a player.

3) Single Woman Man


He is married to Sakshi and have a cute daughter.We never have seen in outing with a woman except professional reasons.

On many occasions Instagram is quite trending with Dhoni and Ziva videos.

4) Test Retirement


He quit Test Cricket at the right time
He exactly knew when kohli is ready for the job and quit the test Cricket at the right time without looking his number there.

5) Calmness


Calmness with virtues of Confidence is never shown by any cricketer throughout his career.He is unbelievable in So many ways.

When the whole Team is Down Dhoni comes to Rescue.

6) Army Connection


Being Famed Who would care for army and considering service in Indian army.

7) Proud Baby girl’s Father


How often we see dhoni and ziva has taken all over by social media and news.

He Understand the Sense of responsibility.

8) Family man

He spents time with family during Cricket breaks.He does all funny stuff just to make his wife happy-as seen on Twitter.

9) Country First


Made many bold decisions early in his career.His decision to exclude the senior players in the teams was crucial for the teams success overseas.He took courage to speak up to the board and he proved his decision right.

10) ICC Trophies


MSD the only captain to cabinet all the major ICC Trophies in cricketing history.

11) Best finisher


Yeah…How can we forget the last ball six or a four or three to tie a match.

Irrespective of Type of game he is the best in limited over Cricket in terms of finishing the games quiet handsomely.

12) Best Wicket Keeper in the History

No one matches MSD when it comes to Wicket Keeping.His hands are the quickest among the all wicket keeper across the globe.

13) DRS Prediction


DRS system stands for Dhoni Review system.Truly he never failed in his judgement when there is question whether to take it or not.

14) Chance to Youngsters

More than any captain had,dhoni gave many chances to young players despite poor temporary performance.To name a few are Rohit sharma,Dhaval,Kohli,Ishant sharma,Jadeja,Manish Pandey,Bhuvaneshwar,etc..

I am a Admiring him since he started his career,bit unorthodox in his playing style.

15) He simply don’t Talk about him or Reply criticism with words

Dhoni is not a Person,it’s an Emotion.

Thank You

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