My Favourite Movies

Munnabhai MBBS


A Gang leader who creates chaos in the city does same when he starts his physician studies.Hooligan becomes a man with big heart,falls in love and brings happiness to everyone around the college & hospital.People stands by his side when he needed was actually earned by him.


A love story and a fight for the country was something I lookout for in my school days.I don’t why But I liked it too much in my teenage.


A Wednesday Movie Dialogues.jpg

As a child I always want to become a Spy,a Wednesday was a movie that suit my taste.This movie is interesting because a stupid common can create a huge impact in the society when infuriated.Must watch.Best part is last minute of the movie where Commissioner and stupid common man Meet.

Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya

Wonderful Chemistry between the Real life couple where Genelia is creating all the chaos in the life of Poor Boy.Loved watching it.A happy,stubborn and Naughty girl is most Adorable and the one to die for.

Jab We Met

Best female character in Bollywood history was played By kareena as GEET.One of the best cinematography when it comes to portray funny but meaning Message to the society.Shahid Kapoor Got his life inspiration from strange girl whom he met when his life was miserable.



True representation of engineering college and importance of finding passion in life and the real friendship is about fights,complains,sharing,right advise,prank,breaking the rules etc.


Amazing mumbaiker story who fell in love with classy north Indian girl. And the decision making process of Dia Mirza was something real and out of the box at same time.



The most accurate presentation of Life of Youngster in Delhi,and in my opinion the real lifestyle of Delhi youngster without any exaggeration.The MODERN GRANDMOTHER is great by appreciating inter-caste marraige and she is fond of latest technology were best thing I noticed in the movie.And the dramatic love story of the couple is somewhat damn reality in today’s life.

Jane Tu ya Jaane Na

True friendship and true companion is what a life is all about.I wish everyone get the right partner in their Life.A Friend,a Companion,a supporter,fun maker,a fighter,etc is all it takes to have a great Life.Luckier are people who are Best friends and turned that friendship into a lifelong Partnership.



Amazing cinematography of Story of Love,Respect and Dignified Ruling Position.Best part of the movie is Selflessness of The Amrendra Bahubali at his Death Place.And off course the respect and love towards his wife was something out of the box for Bollywood.


Top of every list this is my favourite and most watched movies by me and youth in general.All in one movie so I loved it. Ranbir & Deepika just nailed in this movie.I am not a fan of action movies and this movie got everything I need.Even the deleted scene of the movie is simply Incredible.Here is a link to watch.



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