What I learned from My failures

People are afraid of failing.I am afraid of trying nothing Instead.

Failure is an option.Failures will give you experience that Success and victories cannot give you.

I have failed more than I have Succeeded.There always will be dozen of fingers pointing towards you when you Fail.

Failure can be found in any Undertaking of life from School grades,Sports endeavor,Competitive exam,Relationship complications,ranging to Bankruptcy in business.
But it is the test that God Gave you to rise about it and Ultimately Succeeding.

All the great Success Stories are stories of Great failure,it is their ability to Bounce back that has actually made them successful – Dr.Vivek Bindra

From Elon Musk to Indian Business tycoon Rata Tata failed in certain Calling in business.But they didn’t loose Hope.

Elon Musk failed for three times in Launch of Rocket.

Ratan Tata failed in his dream of worlds cheapest car.

Facebook founder Mark zuckerberg failed in his website named as Hot or Not in his college days.

Thomas Edison failed in Inventing first Light bulb.

So this names are big enough to understand that failure is itself a lesson to learn.

Jack ma,Founder of Alibaba and the great Asia Influencer for startups failed more than 3 times badly.

Each failure bring with it, the seed of equivalent opportunity – Napoleon Hill

So I am not from other planet.I failed to get in the cricket team in my 9th class,Got selected in 10th,Again failed in 11th and Got selected in Regional in 12th and Again failed to make it in Final.

Same happened in Saurashtra Cricket tournament Got selected in the teams but serve drinks to players for the very first year and next year I was the first and only to get chance from guest player and was only guest player.
The reason I am quoting it here is that you have to keep moving ahead you never know what opportunities future holds for us.

A boy asked Swami Vivekananda What is the greatest misery than loosing a Girl.

Swami Vivekananda replied with a smile is that Loosing a hope to get her back is the greatest Misery.How witty Swamiji was.

From Cricket I learned a day will come that you will get a chance where others will wait to watch you deliver.

Again I failed in Cricket team as a player in the team.Team lost in the first round.Next time the team’s responsibilities were on my shoulder and we got it right this time and won the tournament.Believe in yourself,world will always going to criticize and condemn you.

I would like to quote I failed in grasping the aspects of English in school days.I was just passing in English or 5 to 10 marks well above the passing mark line.For me 45 marks was a benchmark to achieve.😂

But as I came in college I got a good Teacher – Dr. Alpesh Joshi,the neurologist in English language.He suggested me some of the ways to improve English overall from vocabulary to forming complex Sentences.The way he teaches was very fascinating indeed.I took English from their onwards seriously.I can see this reflecting in my internal exams and ultimately in the Finals University Exams.I got more interested in it.In second year I gave a Fresher’s speech in the college it was the first time I was speaking from any stage.It gave me confidence.In third year I decide to Took IELTS exams so I joined IGNITE Institute Rajkot.This made me used to the language in all aspects listening,reading,speaking and writing.During this course I was failing in reading but ended up getting 6.5 in reading and overall 7.0 bands.This was not the end.

For MBA I need to crack world’s toughest management entrance exam called GMAT.The name itself is scary.I was shattered by the first test I got hardly any of the question correct.But I kept on practising all days of the month continuously for 3 months.I raised my level by persistent.Finally I got 540 and was happy for that but it took all my ego away.

From the above experience from dealing with English gave a hike to my personality as a bonus.I cam talk with customer care executive with accurate English.😉

I become a self taught Blogger too.😃

I failed in my First two blogs as well,I continued to work on it and Became good at it as the days passed.

Don’t take temporary defeat as a Permanent Failure- Napoleon Hill

I succeeded Because I was looking at where I want to reach instead of where I was at that moment.
This tale is to make you understand that folks life is a challenge itself.Rise above it.

Failure is an option if you take it as a stepping stone towards your GOALS.

Obstacles are when you take your attention from Your Goal – Thomas Edison 

Learn from every mistake You made and Move ahead that’s what life is all about.

Thank You…Keep Failing…Keep Growing…

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