Something for our Parents 

People call me an atheist because they don’t know who are my gods.

We all love our parents but it is that we just cannot express our Feelings.

If you don’t respect your parents I tell you just don’t go to Temple,it is a shear Waste of time.

Remember God cannot be everywhere so he sent Parents in his own form.

If you think your parents did nothing for you just go to remote area near you,you will realize that how lucky you are.May be you end up in tears.

People are running after the things that arise just because of jealousy.For instance your friend bought a car now you need a car just to stay in competition with your friend.This will create resentment in your mind.This will take away your inner peace.You will blame your parents.Be Mature enough Yaar..

Whenever something happens like that just ask yourself How many times you celebrated your birthday and how many times your parents celebrated their birthdays.You will be speechless.

Go at Orphanage and see what is Life without Parents.

This are the Tips that can you can do to help your parents Indirectly

1) Eliminate Addictions

As per my observation if you stop Smoking cigarette for a month if will save you around 3000.

For Alcoholic intoxication it would save around 10k to 15k.

The best Gift you can give to your parents.

Having a child without any addiction in this contemporary era is Indeed a Gift.

2) Start savings

I was the one who never believed in savings.I am not telling you to save money by traditional manner.Keep aside a small portion of your pocket money so that at the time of contingency you don’t have to ask money from your parents.

You can invest in mutual fund or Balanced fund to grow and save money at the same time.

3) Educate Yourself

I am not telling of Some college degree but I am talking if things that will save your and your parents time.If you know net banking you are well ahead of rest of the population.It saves time and avoid standing in a long queues.

Digital literacy is more important these days.Shift all payments such as energy bills,fuel bills,groceries to Corporation taxes from physical to Online.This will greatly reduce human effort and saves time.
4) Teach your parents

I insist in Teaching your parents and family Instead of just helping them out.For instance you can reach your family members how to operate the television control and it’s inbuilt function,same can be done with the mobile device.

The difference between teaching and helping is that you have to teach only once but while helping you need to be present each time.

5) Earn A Name

Your name with be their Fame.The greatest gift a for any parents is that they are known from their child’s name.Start earning something,start from the pocket money atleast.Almighty will show you path later on in the journey.

If you can’t earn No problem,just don’t waste their money in buying unwanted stuffs.
6) Listening to your Parents

Listening plays an significant role in building better relationship with the parents.Parents opinions and views may be right or wrong,but their intentions are in your favor only.Listening is simple but we all find it difficult at certain point of time.

Show Patience.

7) Talk something

As a boy it becomes difficult to have a healthy conversation with your dad.But don’t wait tell anything you wish to tell they will be the courteous to listen you.Believe Me.

Your Dad has better experience than You.

Believe me Dad will Open his whole heart to talk.

Thank You

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