18 Goals of the Year -2018 

1) Attend Leadership Funnel – By Vivek Bindra

Right time to attend this program as it is the most suitable time to learn and excel in Life and Business.

2) Starting A website for the City

Don’t have exact blueprint,but it will be done anyhow.

3) Free Projects Assistant for Students

Under Rajkot Digital Marketing,Best SCR activity can be done by providing students free guidance,advice and service for their project endeavours.

4) Begin a Preschool

It is under planning and construction but would be ready by end of June.Name has been decide.

5) Joining a Library

6) Deliver public Lectures in English to students

7) Buy Nike Jordan Basketball Shoes

8) 10 Local Trips,1 domestic Tour and  1 International Tour

9) Improve Communication Skills

10) Read 20 Books(All Non Fictional)

11) Writing a Book (Initiate atleast)

12) 108 sun Salutations for 21 days

13) Learn Something New Everyday

14) One hour For Health Each Day

15) Learn Basic Dish Cooking

16) Create Vision Board

17) Attending All Events & Parties

This might be my last year of my Bachelor life.

18) Spreading Happiness

Spread love,care,happiness to whomever I meet.

That’s my goal what’s Yours??

Thank You

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