Significance of a Girl Child 

Everybody likes a child,especially a girl child.

In my personal opinion I think the infant girl child is far more adorable and cute as compared to baby boy.I am not discriminating at all.Even the biology tells this,providing reason that brain and body of girl child develops faster than a baby boy.That is also the reason for the difference in age for the marraige.

Greatest curse of the society is women thinking a girl child is a curse.

A Nations growth is not possible until you lift Women.Gandhi
We live in society where people just respect the women on women’s day,Rakshabandhan and Mothers’ day and that too on social media.

I do love and respect my mother, sister and other women,but certainly not on Facebook And Instagram.
This same happens in admiration of sports.When any women’s team or a individual reaches the final people starts empowering at that moment.It happen with Indian cricket women’s team and Sauna Nehwal and PV Sindhu.

1) Makes life of two families 

2) Cares for the dad

3) Demand less than Boy child

4) Leaves home without Any Expectations

5) Will be Mother’s Someday 

6) Brings Prosperity – Vedas & Scriptures

7) Daughter Forever – Tiny step quote picture

8) Guest Hospitality 

9) Best Domestic Engineers

10) Born Leaders 

Deserve Respect and dignity…

Thank You

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