Rajkot vs Baroda 

Being born and brought up in Rajkot,I like my Native Place.And the other place I would like to live in is Baroda.

I am going to share my observations by comparing and contrasting both the cities.

1) Nickname

Rajkot is known as Rangiloo Rajkot or Colourful city while Baroda is called as Sanskari Nagari.

2) People

Rajkotians are Big hearted and Business Oriented.

Barodians are Well educated and Job Oriented .

3) Cost of Living

Rajkot ranked in top 3 costliest city in India after Bangalore and Pune.

Baroda is quite affordable and every class of the society enjoys reasonably well.

4)  Prominent Business

Rajkot is center for Industrial Production such as Automatic spares,CNC,VMC,Food Products,Agriculture equipments,etc.Rajkot doesn’t have Almost Zero MNCs.

Baroda is Hub of Information Technology and the major consultancy firms including TCS.

5) Food

Rajkot offers all sort of food with best taste.From Kathiyawad to Continental everything can be listed down for the Foodie people.The is twice expensive than Baroda when price is considered.

Baroda’s special dish Sev ushar.Only few people like it.I don’t.They are fond of eating Gadhiya every holiday.Food is Affordable.

6) Holiday

On Wednesday and Sunday Rajkot observe holiday as per occupation.

In Baroda Saturday and Sunday are off from their work.

7) Driving

Rajkotians have little less driving sense,some drives Rashly.

Barodians drive faster than Rajkotian but in a good Order.

8) Town Planning

I am sorry to write that Rajkot is having least planned Town Planning system,even worst than Jamnagar,gondal,junagadh,etc.

Baroda offers the best town planning with wide roads and streets across the city.

9) Night Life

Rajkot win this contest.On an average Rajkot is alive till 12 pm.There is wide scope for NightOut.

Baroda goes to Sleep very soon.At 10 pm you will find only few people out in the city.No canteen remains open for Night out.

10) Noon

Rajkot sleeps in the noon time. Saurashtra is only place were people take long naps during noon time,might be the only place in the world to do so.😂

Barodians works in office during noon time.

11) Entertainment

Baroda wins this contest clearly and comprehensively.Malls are limitless and the same with the source of entertainment.Theatres Available are also numerous.

Rajkot has comparatively limited source of entertainment.

12) City Size

Rajkot seems town against the mighty Baroda.

13) Heritage

Baroda has more Heritage place well inside the city.

Rajkot has few historical place such as RKC,musuem,Palace,etc.

14) Students

Baroda offers better options for education for the students,especially for college graduates.MS has the largest student base in the country.

Rajkot has better school as compared to Baroda such as SNK,RKC and Saint Paul’s.

15) Multi Culture

Rajkot has only people born in the city and villages near by.

Baroda is multi cultural place where you find families from every part of India.Acceptance of people is simply Mind blowing.

16) Parks

Rajkot doesn’t offers better parks and gardens as compared to Baroda.

Baroda corporation provides better exercise equipment in every society gardens and park.People use the park with full intent regularly.

17) Opportunity for Women

Rajkot fails badly in this segment.

35% Workforce in Baroda is occupied by Women.That’s quite higher than Rajkot.

18) Festival

Rajkot wins with a margin.Rajkot celebrates every single festival regardless of the culture to which it belongs.

Baroda celebrates only Navaratri with awe.

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