Attitude of Gratitude 

Gratitude means feeling thankful for something or some events,people and circumstances.

This Concept popularised by a video documentary called ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne.

People feels lack of everything in the world where there is abundance of everything.For Abundances I am talking of money,prosperity,love,opportunities,good gadgets and Revolutionary ideas.

People in this world are in havoc and miserable conditions because of lack of attitude of gratitude.They forget to thank about the things that they already Have.

For adding a fun factor I would like to mention Bachelors think married are happy and Married people thinks Bachelors are happy.

It is said that whatever you focus on Grows.Then it must apply for Gratitude as if you feel happy and thankful for the things and people you have in your life the more good people and Events you attract in your life.

So you must be thankful for every minor good thing in your life.

I am listing out things you should have gratitude for –

1) Physical Body

You are among 96% of people who have proper physical body without any physical disability.Rest 4% are those who were born and due to some circumstances didn’t have privilege of this physical body.

2) Health

Health is that one thing that Rich people in the world desire for.Money can buy medicines but money cannot buy sound health.If you have perfect health be thankful for it.

3) Education

If you have privilege of getting appropriate education you must be thankful towards your parents decision to do so.Not all people in the world had this great life experience.

4) Good Friends

If you have few good friends in your life then you are truly blessed in this World.Those who rule the world that is politician doesn’t have friends in reality.Believe me it’s true.

5) Parents

I don’t know about god,but I Tell you parents are the best well-wishers of your life.No matter what you do in your life parents are always with you from holding your hand in Childhood to bearing your marriage expenses.

6) Food

Respect the food we Eat.It takes long for a farmer to produce grains,vegetables and fruits.

Before Wasting food think that few billion Indians go to sleep empty stomach.This pic might help you to rethink.


7) Relatives


Few are blessed with few Good Relatives in their lives.This relatives will help you in every step of your Life,they make your life easy. Don’t offend for those who are in trouble due to their relative because I am talking of few genuine relatives.

8) Acquaintances


People those who are crucial part of your life,it can be your boss,your employee,subordinates,colleagues,and many more.One must be thankful to have them in your life just because these people are making your daily life happening.It can be a stranger who helped you somewhere in someway.

Now Few things which are small but are utmost of Importance :

Mobile Phone









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