My Favourite Food Dishes in Rajkot 

1) Baked Vegetables with Cheese -Celebration Big Bite

One of the prominent players in fast food in the city.They are simply outstanding when it comes to prepare a continental dish.They adequate cheese with proportionate sauce and vegetables every time you place this order.You get a complimentary Stuffed Papad every time you visit.Cool Deal.

2) Cheesy Sizzler – Lord’s Banquet 

No one matches the quality of Sizzler this restaurant serves.People thinks it costlier but as per the quality it is okay.

The quality and quantity remains the same and the way they serve is adorable.

3) Double Cheese Margaretta – Dominos 

Not need of any explanation.The one stop solution for pizza lovers.You order a big for two is enough.

4) Butter Cheese Corn – Street Food

I live near Bhaktinagar Circle.This stall is exact at Bhaktinagar circle Rajkot.The way the guy prepare is quite admirable.The quick hands work prepares the best corn in the city and that at reasonable cost.Watching the guy preparing corn might salivating experience for many.

5) Mexican Sandwich – Shakti Sandwich 

Although new,but this one item of theirs is simply awesome.You will be fulled with just a single sandwich.Must try.

…Thank You…

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