Wisdom Of Online Learning 

Question yourself whether you are using a technology or technology is using you.

If you spend much of your time on social media such as Facebook,Instagram,whatsapp and Snapchat then you have to reconsider the above question.

I am not Against the Social Media,it is good up to certain extent,but at the same time these applications is taking away all your attention.

I am going to write on the ways you can improve your skills in segments of your career.Online learning platform offers variety of course from computer science to Artificial intelligence.

You can learn many courses from it at almost zero cost.

I would take examples of some of the platform I have personally experienced.So it starts from this :

1) Udemy

It’s a just fabulous website for learning cosurssuch as basic level such as HTML,CSS and Other Programming Language.

It has many courses on topics such as spirituality,Ayurveda,Personal Development and WordPress tutorials.

2) LinkedIn

My favorite platform for learning.It comes with a price.You can opt for monthly billing service and you can cancel it anytime.

It’s a wonderful platform from the team of Microsoft where You can study and learn from the experts and experienced professionals.

I recommend it for the reason that you can directly linked your skill on LinkedIn profile.It is best for the job seekers I’m specific field of interest.

If you want separate certificates for your course Go for Lynda.com.

3) Coursera

Another platform for online learning.It has many courses from many affiliation with well known university such as university of Pennsylvania,University of Illinois,TOESL certification.

It is expensive and Effective than other platforms.

Go for it if you are serious about learning by choosing a monthly billing plan.

4) Canvas

One of the best for university affiliated courses but it is very complex and unorganized,otherwise it is good enough.It provides many free certification as well.

5) Edx

You can study Harvard courses here.All lectures are in high definition but the problem is that you need to pay separately for each certification.You can learn programs for free but you have to pay for credentials.Edx provides tutorial from world’s best tutors.


For those who earnestly seeking knowledge the sky is the Limit.

There are other options available on the internet which I have not mentioned.Go and explore Yourself.But this are the best options for you.

If you are starting Digital Marketing Services Related startup or Job starts with Google Digital Unlocked and Google Digital Garage.

Thank you

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