Why to have Crush on Someone 

This article and others as well are just for the boys.

We all have Crush on Someone in our lives.If you never had Crush on anyone believe my friend you are just in other planet altogether.Some give it a name Love,but I will keep it as Crush for rest of my article.

This blog is for crush not for guys committed to someone because that is somewhat different aspect from this one.

I would add that,I have respect for all the Relationship.

Now straight away I will tell you Best things about having Crush on Someone are the following :

1) Disclosure

If you have Crush on Someone you can tell everyone or you can confine your feelings in your heart without anyone knowing about it.

2) Happiness

You are happy without any reason.You just pray god that make her all desires come true.You wanna see her happy than anything else.You just need a glimpse of that person to put your face smiling.Social media made it very easy.

3) First & Last

The first and the last thing in your day is thinking about that particular person.This certainly elevate your Mood.You rise With a smile and go to bed with a smile.

4) Social Media 

The only person you like on social media when you have choice of all the celebrities around the globe.Still you stop at one profile every single day.Even one pic is enough for satisfying your heart.

6) Goodness

You just becomes good to everyone without any external spiritual or Motivation lecture.You are inspired to do good things around you and that to without any expectation.You start having feeling of compassion.You start spreading goodness from Nowhere.

6) World

This World suddenly become the heaven just because of the reason that you have Crush on Someone.

7) Past & Pain

You forget all the bad things that happened in the Past.You forget the pain of your life.You got a new reason to live and laugh.

8) Inspiration

That person although not present physically with you but keeps inspiring and become your support partner in your life endeavor.

9) Respect

A word sometimes needs more consideration than love.You Develop deep Respect for that person regardless of their presence.

10) Cheat

When a thought of cheating flashed in your mind during any chores,you stop there just by remembering that one person.You stop cheating,stealing and any unfair activities.

As per my reading on this topic,the great thiefs and the robbers around the world who left their creep professional under the influence of a Woman.

11) Decision

You stop taking decision with your mind and start taking decision by heart, gut feeling and intuition.

12) Lust Disappear

The major advantage of having Crush is that you energy start flowing upwards where in guy’s life in today’s era is filled with Lustful desires.By this You stands out of the Crowd.

13) God

An atheist starts believing in God.This is also a proven fact.A guy having Crush on someone starts thinking of infinite intelligent from nowhere.

14) Artistic 

A guy becomes an artist.He might starts writing something or do some creative things.He may start singing or listening songs.

15) World Goes to hell

You stop caring about what World thinks about you.You wanna look cool only to a Single Person among Millions.

16) Respect

He/she starts having respect for opposite gender without any external reason.

If anyone of you have crush on someone and you have goals that keep up to that point.Don’t ever go beyond that because fictional part is far better than the reality.;)

Someone Reading this might feel it’s impossible.It is because

1) They don’t have seriously level of Crush on anyone..

2) Your Crush is based on hormones😂.

3) Foremost You have expectations in return for having a crush…

I would like to add a story of my friend who is overachiever just by the reasons of having a Crush mentioned above.I will be soon with that blog as well.

Thank you…

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