Stop Smoking Start Saving 

This topic is just for the people who are addicted to something from cigarettes to Drug addicts.

The worst thing about smoking is that firstly you you burn the cigarette then it starts burning you.

People you are addicted generally need 10 to 12 cigarette a day.Its a huge investment.Near about 4000 Rupees of wasted in temporary enjoyment.


Nicotine is not at all good for any living being.On the cigarette packet there is photo plus the warning is to tell the educated that they are illiterate.Give it a thought.

People who are intoxicating Alcoholic beverages waste their 10k to 20k.

How can you drink a filthy smelling substance.?How?


This drink are meant to increase the metabolism of the body of the consumer where the temperature is around 10 degrees.

If you want to Remain free from addiction then Don’t try it for the first time.This is my way of being without any addiction.

Once I tried bear but it didn’t suit me for the first time.It was the first and the last time.I remember quote that God helps those who help themselves.

How funny Is that a guy spends hard earned money to buy stuff that helps him to forget himself.😂

This days the consumption of marijuana is increasing rapidly among the youth.It comes with a price tag.Cost around 8000 a month.I feel pity about my friends involved in it.This guys cannot see anything beyond this habit.Generally he stays in a world full of illusion.


Being addicted is just a shear Waste of time and money.Beyond this you may miss beautiful moments of the lives which can be spend with family and beloved ones.

Understand the difference between the Pleasure and Happiness.

Movies are meant to make money and entertain you.Just open your eyes to see what is really inspiring you.

You can save lots of money, immense wealth in long term.Personally I don’t run out of money just for the single reason that I am untouched with any addiction.The point is that stop smoking and start living.It saves your time,money and Human relationship most importantly.

Stop Addiction,Start Saving.Start Living

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