My Favourite Youtube Channels


Incredible channel that will help you in many ways.It will motivate & direct you towards your various aspect of life.Its for dreamers,entrepreneurs,enthusiasts,business professionals,College graduates etc.This channel is for those who knows English and want to have good content on YouTube.

2. GaryVee

A internet sensational and self made millionaire who help you in very blunt and straight forward way.It will help you get up and do the work.Only guy on Facebook who tell you on your face that don’t watch my videos,instead go out and do your job.


From health to dressing to Smart to Dressing sense all in one video channel.I like it because its educating in so many ways.For passing your time and have some good techniques and tools to ease your life.

4. Vivek Bindra

The best motivational speaker of India.Beyond Motivation it provides the way how to take your business to next level,how to increase your productivity and much much more.His case study is best and can be understandable to anyone knowing Hindi.

5. Sandeep Maheshwari

Most loved Mentor who is doing the phenomenal job on YouTube,the best part is that he doesn’t run ads on his videos.He is spiritual as well.He is helping without any expectations.

6. Cricbuzz

I like this channel just because of its host and my inspiration Harsha Bhogale.This YouTube channel is for the cricket lovers and those who wants to get insights inside the game with the most admirable host.

7. The Rich Dad Company

One must follow those who wants to get knowledge how money works in Real World.It is hosted Robert Kiyosaki by one well-known author and financial trainer and book co-authored by Donald Trump.

8. Mensutra

Indian man and blunt language us simply best for the Indians  where boys always chasing random girls.This will definitely change your entire perspective about girls.Note this channel is not to discourage girls.This is to motivate all the men out there.It will render motivation whenever you needed or feeling down.

9. ColdFusion

This is simply incredible in so many ways because it is a full combo of technology and science.It is one of the major revolutionary YouTube channel where high definition documentary stories is made.

10. Josh Talks

Just as Ted Talks we have indian version of it.I thinks its better than the Ted For Indians.It takes you to the journey of life,business,happiness,health and relationships.

Must watch 30 minute MBA.A guy teach you everything that is taught or skipped in the Management Program.He is straight to the point because in India Your degree doesn’t matter at all.In the competition of Life Bachelor’s degree is just a certificate of Participation…;)


Dancefit Live

Another wonderful channel to get aways from stress and anxiety.This is admirable channel for those who likes music,dj,beauty and dance.

Thank You

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