How People Find/Spy anyone On Social Media

This will hurt someone and this will bring awareness and joy in others.

Being a Digital Marketer you receive lots of clients in need for a way to penetrating their product and brand name to the consumer with free of cost or at a little cost.

There are actually more number of fake accounts than you think

The name of Social Media can be ‘LOOPHOLES’.The reason I say this is because of the fact for taking in consideration the local marketing there is numerous ways and opportunities lies to exploit the potential customers.

But for this blog,I am just telling you the way you can be spied by anyone on Social Media when he/she is stranger.

1) Tags

Sometimes tags is the easiest way to find someone on social Media especially on Facebook and Instagram.

2) Mutual Friend 

Any stranger can exploit your profile by just one single mutual friend in your list.

How it works I tell you in brief,first of all not all users take privacy settings very seriously and are very eager to click on skip and next while setting their profile at first time.

Mutual friends leaves a room for stranger to glance to your check-ins,photos and Videos that tagged you.

3) Instagram Tags

This is other way through which you might be victim of this loophole.This is intermediate version of Tag.

Sometimes people search and they can filter that search by tag exact match.

You kept your privacy on but the tag you put will caught up you by the person spying you.Instagram will show up tag that matches the search results and display pics in the order of its date of upload.

4) Your Friend Public Post

Easy to understand and all know this simple method.

5) You can be searched using your Blood Relation

Sometimes you mention your Relation on Facebook.You can be searched and found out just by clicking on someone mentioned you in any relation.

6) Profile Link

Even the best of best privacy fails.I have to tell You that if someone have your Profile URL then you can’t be spared spying anytime.This is most common practice by many intellect in the Facebook.This sort of link is the direct gateway to your Profile irrespective of the privacy you kept.

People generally use This when they are on PCs as it is easy.

7) Linked Account 

How often we select Facebook to sign up for account on Random site?

Quite often.You are in a trap guys.The website that uses this form of sign up often show the profile name and photo When an activity is done by you or any user,even just like or follow on website or a blog.

8) Spam

Never know and never will be to general public.

How often you see that you type name of the book in email or on social media and it will be right there in advertising pop-up.It is because the information you typed will be submitted to the Marketer of that particular product.

9) Liking anything 

Another easier way to find someone on Facebook,instagram.Let us suppose you have liked a photo of a celebrity then When you click on liked by many then you will shown the entire list of people who liked that particular pic.

10) Comments you made

The procedure to find remains the same as above unless you have blocked that particular user.And the attack of fake account chance double folds when you block any user.I am guy and I know how it is done.

11) Email Id

Why everyone on internet ask for your Email Id..?They follow you wherever you go.

If anyone have your email Id then one can check on which platform who have sign up.Its easy then you think.There are websites available on internet that tell you on which platform particular email Id is registered.People don’t have any idea how a sign up in any platform is affecting their privacy.

12) Comments You Made on Blogs

You can easily found out just by clicking your pictures placed by the side of your comment.You might have registered with your Social media plugins without awareness.

Here is to bring awareness regarding the usage of social media as a tool to find you are sometimes spy you.The best two that are Ignored is the Link of you account (URL) and the E-mail Address.

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