My Way to Fitness

1) Walking


Easiest way to get your health on track.Listening favourite music and speeches during a night walk will help you in both way mentally and physically.

2) Stretching

My favourite exercise regime that provides me instant result.Each and every tissues gets relieve from tension.

3) Yoga Nidra


Its a Guided meditation in which you need to listen to a set of instruction during the process while lying down on the floor with spread posture. It is well known to get rid of Hypertension.

4) Gym

Earlier I thought Gym is coolest thing for maintaining peak health but as the days passes it turned out as a myth.Now goes to gym just get out of the sleep.But for few people it is great to remain fit.

5) Steam Bath


One of the best feeling I get each time I come out of the steam room.Everyone must try it out.

6) Alternate Breathing


Best way to reduce the stress level in matter of few minutes.It is also known as anulom-vilom.

Thank You….

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