Why I Read More ?

As a teenager I was one who hate to read book or even attend a class.I was the one guy in my entire class (Science stream) who had spend all my time in the ground playing games with the commerce students of the same batch.

The Worst subject for me was Mathematics and English.But I was able to passed with more than distinction.

I never touched the books at home in school or college days,I don’t remember any at all.

But as I was in last year of college I planned to do my MBA overseas,so I need to crack IELTS and GMAT anyhow to get admitted into premier business school.

So during I was doing my preparation for IELTS I had to read at least 10 pages and had to write more than 4 pages in English Language.The poorest section in IELTS for me was the Reading section.In the First IELTS mock test I score 4.5 out of 9.The worst result ever I got in my life in test.That day few people who were doing IELTS gave up after first attempts.I kept on moving.

As days passed I got used to reading in IELTS and my grades starts to improve week by week.In Real IELTS exam I score 6.5 and least from all the section,with overall 7.0.

Then the Major challenge was to crack GMAT.I score 230 in the first Mock test.Remind you the Total score is 800 in GMAT.Score almost zero in Verbal section.

I know that time this score would be history next time.I started reading a lot books,magazine,internet articles and Newspapers.I know that throughout English doesn’t mean you are good at English.GMAT made me realise exactly where I stands.GMAT took away my 6 months including day and night,even left my home and shifted to other city to get away from distraction.I was Immersed in the subject in which I was poor at Mathematics and English.

At last I ended up Scoring 540 in the fourth attempt and It was sky for me.That day I realise that school grades and college grades are the things that you needs to forget to grow and develop yourself.

As my Plans of MBA fall apart,I need to start from zero.Although there is no financial barrier,I need to do something in my life of my own and I cannot rest on my family’s shoulder for rest of the life.

The least expected thing in my life happened was cancellation of my overseas MBA.But every failure brings the equivalent seeds of opportunity,I got responsibility of handling office working in a school.I get busy with the work,then I met my college teacher and discussed about everything,Sir advised me to start reading books and suggested a few to escape from nightmare of life.Finally,I no more need any GMAT Reading comprehensive and sentence correction to go through.

As days passed I gotta know from Internet that Every successful person in the world has reading habit,although might not be Indian billionaires;).But As days passing going through book,I started getting interested in it.My English and the communication skills improved.

I learned the Digital marketing by self from books and Internet.It gave me opportunity to start digital marketing agency.Although the demand in the city of digital advertising is less and people are dilemma about this sort of advertisement.Finally,I was self-employed and need less to ask for pocket money.

Why I Read More ?

I am selfish about my life betterment.

I want to Financial Freedom.

I want to have better Family Relation.

I want to build long-lasting & caring relationship with relatives and acquaintance.

I want to remain debt free.

I want to learn new skills each year.

I want to make a contribution to the society.

I want to make correct life decision.

I want to live happy life.

I want to become smarter.

I wanna earn my Name.

I wanna have luxurious future.

I wanna help the needy.

I wanna fulfil the family dreams.

I wanna gift better life to my kids.

I wanna retire with awe.






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