CBSE Students versus State Board students 

This blog takes you to a whole new journey of difference between the CBSE board students versus State Board Students.This observation is purely based on My city.

1) Language


CBSE guys speak Hindi and English while state board students speaks their mother tongue.

2) Uniform


CBSE guys and girls wear proper Uniform while Gujarat boards students wears anything seeming as uniform(Just boys),they don’t tuck in their shirts.
3) TV shows


They watch tarak mehta and bhabhiji ghar pe hai while CBSE Students watch Web series Narcos,billions,GOT and off course all time classic Friends.
4) Movies


Any Bollywood,telugu,tamil and bollywood movies they rate in 9,10.CBSE guys would never ever watch such movies, except a few with good critique ratings. CBSE guys prefer to watch Hollywood Movies.

5) Mentality

Gujarat board students are generally Narrow Minded as they are surrounded by the people from the same city and follows same culture.


CBSE doesn’t even bother the things that actual don’t Matter.Girls can wear whatever she wishes and can ride whatever she wants.

6) Homework


State board are worried about completing homeworks while CBSE guys finds way to manipulate and trick the teacher.

7) Corruption


State board students can never ever ask for question papers from their teacher and CBSE guys offers bribe to teachers for getting Internal Papers..;)

8) Property


School is something that every student studied from can call it as ‘My School’.State board students just say it but CBSE Guys just apply it by taking away stuff from library,music room,and off course sports room…

9) Discrimination 

CBSE School are the best because no one ask your caste or religion.Everyone is Same.

Beat thing in My School(central school Rajkot) was No one ever asked me my Caste in 8 years of school.

10) If someone Overtake CBSE Students they feel Insulted😂

11)We Skip 2nd Line of Indian Pledge 😉

12) Girls matter


CBSE guys and girls are the same they sit and eat together but State board boy students find it surprising to talk to a girl…In our school we have to sit with girls in the same bench in 5th class.

Thank You…

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