Navaratri -Many Reasons to Celebrate this One Festival 

I don’t remember any festival I celebrated since 5 years,Except Navaratri.

Navratri is a Gujaratis’ Tomorrowland.

Navratri is just awesome awesome Festival for Gujjus.

This festival is most awaited festival for all the Gujjus across the globe.My favourite festival Navratri has lot to offer each and everyone.

I would like to list out the reasons why navratri is amazing in so many ways :

1) The longest Festival in India

You can have the same zest for continuous 9 days without having any feeling of lost of charm during the festival.

2) Your Interest remains Intact for 9 days



3) Celebration starts with an Musical Aarti to Goddess


4) Garba Music Alleviate your Mood


5) Thousands of people Dancing happily


6) People forget their Worries


7) As a night Festival,decoration comes to play


8) Awesome Lighting around

9) Fair Competition


10) People honor others for Winning prize


11) Irrespective of Age


12) Woman Conquering the Atmosphere


13) Street Garbi offers Lot to Participants


14) Colourful Clothes


15) Beautiful Women

Yeah…The greatest and most beautiful creation of the almighty is a woman.Navratri makes it possible for woman to dress well and steal the show.


That’s the reason some boys get crazy on this festival.

16) Man in service of his Woman


From holding the purse to bringing water bottle from a canteen where rush is prevailing.

Going for snacks after Garba.

I can bait if a man can able to this things in this festival the bond between them gets Stronger,because you are pleasing her in when she needed the most.

Take care of your partner in this 9 days,she will take care of you for rest of the year.:)

17) You can end up with a partner

It happened with my Friends.Three boys playing with a group suddenly people starts getting out due to tiredness and they all remain till last having left with a seeming partner.


You are never single if you know Garba…Lol..

18) Sacrament

You can have it in a little quantity and can get it nearby Goddess statue.It is first offered to Goddess during Aarti.

19) Sponsors

Navratri Functions are sponsored by some popular local business entity,especially Mobile businesses.

It’s worth for Sponsorer as nine days are enough to get attention.

20) Traditional Attire


As I already mentioned the traditional attire of woman can be Flamboyant.Similarly Man’s traditional attire is also pleasing to many eyes.

21) New Friends and Acquaintances


We all have experienced that by the end of the navaratri there are 5 to 7 people with whom we have started casual hi-hellos and social media connections.

22)Mothers to take care of belonging

I have seen that many mothers just comes there to take care of the belongings,especially for girls.

No one Can Match a Mother.

23) Signature Garba step


All the group will have some sort of favourite or special dance which they love to play often.This garba dance are attention seeker.Even the camera man hovers camera over you.

24) Selfie Queens




My Favourite Bollywood Garba

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