My Life Fantasy…

Everyone dreams of their dream life.I dream too.

Here is my life’s fantasy that is crazy and interesting.It goes like this….

1) Pet


One golden retriever with me everyday.A Pet is something I also desired to have, I will have it one day.It is on top of the list because only living being that will not hurt you other than your parents & siblings.

2) A Vacation every Quarter


Sometime it is good to escape from daily happening of the life and explore something new.I wanna visit every beautiful corner of my country and few overseas.Domestic exploration is within reach but need to earn hard for overseas exploration.

3) A profession to be immersed


Still looking for a Work that suits my heart.It is told by Steve jobs and swami Vivekananda that find a work that suit your heart that the only way you can surrender totally towards it.

4) Adopting someone Education 


I don’t know how much money needed to secure good education for someone really in need.But my heart says me for years that I have to adopt entire education cost from preschool to Graduation.It requires a big heart & off course Good amount of money,but one of my mentors told you can do it as you can save little bit every week.Let see.

5) Mad for One,Made for One

Being single(by chance not by choice;) ) entire bachelor life it is opportunity to surrender to one special person that will come somewhere down the line on life road.Hopefully I get a right companion,a friend,a partner to fight,cuddle,share,travel,work,romance,care and understand each other at the same time.

6) Dance Performance


Don’t know but it is my fantasy to perform a well choreographed dance some point of life.

7) Family 

A family to live for and die for.More than fame and Money harmonious human relations is my priority.Harmonious and love from dear ones obviously Let anyone reach at peak in professional endeavours.

8) Meditation Retreat 


A meditation retreat once in a year for one day to several days.I have completed one vipasana meditation retreat of 11 days successfully.It really helps.

9) One Hour For health Everyday

people-2604149_1920 (1).jpg

Health is wealth.It is true because nothing is more better than health.Proper food & some exercise everyday will improve bodily functions.Less than 5% of entire day should be allotted towards sound health.Money can buy medicines but surely Money cannot buy health.It has started but it needs to endure long as well.

10) Authoring  A book On Health 


As a health conscious person and having keen interest on subject of health,nutrition and Wellness I dream to write a book on health.

11) Authoring a Book on Love & Emotions 


Majority of people in the world are driven by Emotions and not by mere logic & reasoning,hence to writing a picture book on how feelings & Emotions governs human existence.

12) A expedition Journey 


Already completed a intense trekking experience at Bhrigu lake(H.P.).A wonderful journey that requires above average determination and strength in both terms – mental & Physical.An expedition trek would be a better milestone to cheer for.
14) Education System For Remote Area 


I deeply feel that providing Education to children in rural areas has become easier due to advancement in technology but the missing part is the initiative by the young people.Fund might be the matter that stops anyone to Start this type of education facilities in countryside.I have a blue print for the same,but require a media attention to carry out in full fledged manner.In India many had taken initiatives so I can too.

15) Cricket Commentary 


This is something that I wished from the days I started admiring Harsha bhogale.Commentary in District Cricket match will work.A sample video of commentary is in video section of this website.Must have a look.

16) Vegetarian 

This is fulfilled till today and wanna remain as it is for rest of the life.Being Vegetarian is cool.Bliss to born in India where you can find every single vegetables in near market.

17) Addiction Free Life


Thanks to few teachers,cricket coaches and few good people who advised to be far from this stuff.These lips never touched the mere death and never will be.Movies created this fantasy in the society.It is really cool to have no addiction.It not only benefit to you but people in your life,your family,your spouse and children.

18) A Girl Child

From the early days me and My Family is used to bring girl child from our neighbourhood and we also happens to have a daughter from my cousin so I dream of becoming a Girl’s Father.Girl child are damn cute and adorable.

19) Cooking Fabulous Dishes


20) Indian Trips

Greatest wish is to Travel each beautiful Place in a decade.

Thank You…You are Awesome…

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