What is Special About my College Friends…?

Everyone is itself Unique.Almost all college classmates are my friends.Everyone is good and helpful at some sort of time.

Everyone brings something to the table for the purpose of education,fun,entertainment,pranks,bunks,donations,everything.

Without them life would be incomplete.

If you come last to the college either you Fight to sit on last benches or suffer with the front ones.

First thing is that from Boys side no one tell NO when we had planned Mass Bunk.

Even the guys in relationship also joined open heartedly in every plan made by anyone irrespective of the so called ‘Groups’.

I would like to quote an incident.When it comes to Supporting our friend we all stood up and stand against the teacher whom a friend had a fight.Unity is second name of our class Boys.

When a few boys were sent out of the class by a teacher in wrong way,we would deliberately create nuisance to join them outside.All the boys were sent outside by doing this.It happened twice.All the boys are now became friends.

So we have more control and power.

Regardless of status in attendance sheet,everyone will be present to play cricket against the Juniors.

We were far better than the Juniors for the reason that in our Juniors there were many ‘Titu’ who stayed in their class with girls Everyday and Everytime.

We won more number of Cricket match not may be by our Competency but by the Juniors running out of good players for the above mentioned reason.

Lakeview Memories

And Who forget the Mass Bunk to Weekend House.Lake View an amazing place where we have tonnes of memories with college friends.The best part of it is that all the boys were welcome to join.Watching Movies and Cricket matches,Swimming,eating,pranks,Photography and our own Harami stuffs.It also includes the racing on the way to Lake View.The attendance would be 100% here.People like Rahul,Yash,hemal would appear at lake view those who never seen in the class for a long.I would not name anyone but guys performing pole dance while taking shower after pool time.😂You got it.

Titan Memories 

The place where we met and Meet.Place where all gossips buzz around regarding college, teachers and many more.

Time to meet was fixed 9pm and friends show up at 11’0 Clock and with mind blogging alibis.Dhana….😉

The place where Many had got bad bumps on birthday nights.The eggs,cakes,soft-drinks,oil,snow sprays and all weird stuffs was bombarded to the Guy having ‘happy’ birthday.

Once a guy pushed the other towards the closed shutter of the showroom which made alarming the emergency bell that in turn made the owners running to the showroom at night.


Everyone remain presents in a wedding of a classmate.Photo session and the fun part on that never ends that particular day.Pulling legs of each other randomly.Play dandiya with full enthusiasm.


“College is a place where Friendship turn into a Brotherhood”

“Unity mean Mass Bunk”

“Dance as crazily as possible at your friend’s marraige,it might be your last as a Bachelor”


You are the target if your eldest bachelor of your class.

Best thing is that no one takes anything personally.A cold argument is turned to a big joke.

Hopefully this sort of harmony last very long.

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