Fun Ways to Improve Your Health 

1) Walking 

Walking is said to be the easiest way to improve your health.It releases senatonin in your body.They help in maintaining the levels of sleep, mood, libido, energy, appetite, and anxiety. Serotonin helps to reduce anxiety.Adding music will also beneficial in it.

2) Listening Soothing Music in Open

For those who are lazy this is the best way to mark your pink of your health.Sitting in a green lawns while listening pleasing tunes can lift your mood.

3) Yoga Nidra

A ancient technique for the modern people in which you deliberately relaxes your every body part in progressive relaxation.This is for those who want mental and physical health without going outside your home or workplace.Just make sure of the right body posture and undisturbed place.Listen the guidelines of Yoga Nidra Trainer.

4) Stretching 

Few simple stretching get be beneficial for those whose lifestyle is sedentary.It releases tension from your muscles in the body.A soothing music along with your stretching session with be helpful in many folds.

5) Tai Chi

A Chinese technique or a form of exercise where you can control your mind by slow breathing and postures changing at relatively lower pace.Best for mental stability after enduring long works at the office.Doing it in open natural environment can increase its benefits by many folds.

6) Conch Shell Blowing 

A five minute of practice or at least attempts to blow a conch shell will be the optimum form of pranayam which will reduce your stress and stay relax and focused.

7) Steam Bath 

My favourite,find a steam bath center near your home or join a gym where it is established.Take Steam Bath twice a week to detoxify your body naturally.You will super awesome after taking a 10 minutes steam shower.

“Laugh More,Gossip Less,Help More Criticize less”

Thank You…

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