Funniest News on Indian News Channel 

In other countries they have comedy shows and series we have news anchors and the Ministers.

Let me take you through the funniest News I have personally seen on the television.

I don’t watch television from years now,but I can recall some of the funniest News I felt telecasted on Indian News channels

1) Do Aliens drink Cow Milk ?

2) Criminal can be Next Door..

3) Do you sleep with Criminal or Not ?

4) Is Your Money safe in Savings account?

5) Routine of UP’s New CM

From washroom to bedroom everything.

6) Cost of PMs Coat

7) Dispute between dhoni and Kohli 😠

8) Girls beating a Boy

The video shown was a girl pulling a guy with his hair.😉

9) Alert

Alert for what.Shall I start doubting my friends and families.!😂

10) Should Hritik Divorce to Suzanne ?

It’s too personal to be on television.Let them decide.

11) Karan-Bipasha’s Honeymoon

It’s more than heights.Media would enter bedroom if they know the destined hotel room.

12) Is Laaden Alive..?

Americans would bow down to this news…

13) Does Cow Urine contains Gold?

Yes…Gold,silver,pearl everything.Cows are the chief suppliers of the KALYAN jewellery.😂

14) Is Modi Married?

Tell me…Is it going to make any difference in your life.

Don’t waste your time, just do your work,help others,earn Money,please your family members and live in peace.😃

15) World is Going to End

Lol… Can’t you wait for a while.😉

16) Eliminate life’s Misfortunes with Baba

I don’t know about you but it will definitely eliminate Misfortunes of Baba’s Life.😂

17) Baba Ramdev


18) Rakhi’s Groom-Hunt

Least thing I Expect for any Boy/Man.😉

19) Normal Baba Darbar

I can challenge anyone he is more funnier than kapil sharma and Russell peters combined.

20) Ranbeer-Katrina’s Affair

Reporters even enter their room…:)

21) Kya Sunil Grover Kapil se Naaraz hai…?

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